Stupid? But Worthy!

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Stupid? But Worthy!

October 18, 2012
A monkey is a monkey, a rose is a rose – neither can a monkey have the grace of a deer, or a rose be a daisy. Being addicted to expectation where it’s really your lack of empathy and compassion is pure folly. Each of us is more skilled at somethings than most others. That skill could be in sports, singing, acquiring money, or even knowledge of infinite subjects, as well as openness, compassion, sensitivity, and on and on. Everyone is better at some things than you, and you are better at some things than most. Based on this truth, it’s best to be aware of others gifts, and appreciative.

A noted spiritual teacher and author, Vernon Howard who died in 1992, was quoted as answering a question concerning someone’s feeling on how shallow and senseless many people are:

“Don’t believe that they can do any better than they do.  A child of five can’t behave like a child of ten.  The same with adults.  No one can possibly behave above his own level of understanding.  Don’t expect people to do any better than they are compelled to do at their present level.  Your problem is in assuming that they should and could behave better.  That is like thinking that a monkey should be as dignified as a deer.  Understand this and annoyance disappears.”

Everyone is really looking for themselves, it’s just that they get sidetracked defending the ‘false self’ they have become attached to, and really believe who they are! Sounds crazy, but true! Very rare is the individual who will admit to anyone, including themselves, that they live in fear of not being the highest possibility of themselves in terms of the inner.  They, in addition, are even unable to demonstrate loving anyone intimately, particularly for more than a flurry of romance.

Expecting anyone to stretch beyond their comfort zone, or beyond who they appear to be is to create frustration, at the least, in both yourself, and in them sometimes leading to endless resentments. Building tolerance through silence, and understanding of where a person has been in terms of challenging difficulties is a step into a harmonious position. Tolerance though is a mental choice, nor is it reaching into a better way of self love as well as  compassion and a natural use of discernment from wisdom with heart energy toward anyone. As strange as it may seem, you are me, and I am you, but for different circumstances that brought each to this point in life. We are all spirits here to deal with what we are given both positive and negative.

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