Spiritual Diarrhea

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Spiritual Diarrhea
October 15, 2012
Dios Mio!! Whether it’s new age spiritual, religion puppets and puppeteers, gurus, your run of the mill sheeple who can barely blow smoke, between them there is a lot of talk that adds up to ‘spiritual diarrhea’, at best. Talk is cheap! Talking a good streak with nothing to back it up with experience may be great stuff but there is nothing behind it but ‘shit’ turned to diarrhea. Everyone needs to break up with their false ego! Few haven’t misinterpreted their purpose in life. We are all higher beings, bit sadley with most wallowing in their greed, depression, malarky, fears, and ignorance.

Spiritual Diarrhea comes from all walks of life. I know a guru type from Hollywood who has an ‘eidetic’ memory, or a total recall with a hobby of reading about all the spiritual ‘big wigs’ of the past. With that he appears to have great wisdom, particularly for almost anyone who has never been exposed to such abilities. There is great knowledge from him, but knowledge is ‘parroting’, and not necessarily ‘knowing’ or having walked the talk. The knowledge without the confirmable, positive experience can be interesting, but misleading and ultimately, spiritual diarrhea.

Always it’s time to flush the toilet for clear knowing. Another way of saying it is to reverse the pump, and let go of all the accumulated crap that isn’t proven experience. One can get stuck for life with someone else’s knowledge that isn’t their knowing. Humans have a sense of frailness when it comes to climbing above the ‘log jams’ to inner growth. Being stuck in the muck of world talk, including belief systems, is a sure way to stunt the growth of consciousness. A toilet plunger for the mind is useful, with meditation and/or going deeper into ‘self love’ is freeing.

Speaking for yourself from your own positive experiences, and wisdom is following the road that eliminates spiritual diarrhea. Using others words loses credibility especially when it is proselytizing to another who likely has no interest in hearing them. This is a type of ‘spiritual molestation’. To be spiritual includes being in harmony with others affirmative interests. Healthy, open people enjoy authenticity from you as an individual. To be spiritual is to take the best and highest of positions in all situations, and without any outside or hidden agenda.

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