Pray for Sheeple

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Pray for Sheeple
October 14, 2010
People can pray with no religion connection, or belief in their interpretation of God. Prayer is the heartfelt affirmation of the positive for life! Religion salesmen from all religions to one degree or another have typically used prayer as a means to enhance their own ‘soap box’ without acknowledging that it’s a free, universal means for anyone, at anytime, and anywhere, in any language or without language to reach within, arousing our hearts to evoke the highest possibilities of supporting life. It arouses the call of ‘awakening’ the life force.

Prayer can be action or inaction. Searching for the best answers to aid life, and actively pursuing them is a form of prayer. The world is filled with ‘bubble-brains’ who are quick to proselytize their religion programming while dumping on all others as being the works of some devil. Mental prayer, of course need not be totally disregarded, but using the ‘word’ to act as some arbitrator of a fictional idea of a god in the sky is borderline hodgepodge, childish witchcraft or voodoo! Prayer in those cases is really a way of asking themselves to seek a better understanding.

Let  prayer be a wordless light from your being that evokes life enrichment and blessings. Life has it’s own ways, and at times all prayers in the world are only going to send compassion and love out, and to bring solace within. Seasons come, and seasons go as the night turns to day or storms clear the air. All situations are dimensions of life from sadness, or grief to hope, love, miracles, and hidden opportunities in their ‘seed form’. Life is filled with mysteries beyond what the normal person can see and experience, but remains open to an awareness when the time is right. Every moment is a verse, chapter, or beginning of another dimension to enjoy.

Sheeple are people who are asleep at the wheel of life, and it’s possibilities while void of beliefs transformed into knowing. Both religion, and the denial of a spiritual path’s possibilities are ‘cheaters’ of life’s blessings that are available through the peaceful mind and the open heart. Real, pure prayer is a breaking out of the false world of language into an opening of the heart and awareness with a positive acceptance of the goodness that every moment will bring for those who live with the affirmation of the positive. It’s ok to pray for a miracle!

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