Spiritual Secret

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Spiritual Secret
October 11, 2012
To be spiritual is to be discerning, compassionate, loving, and free of others guilt trips!
There’s a lot more, but in the everyday action of living, there is one secret that will ‘hone’ your rough edges. That one secret is to use ‘SKILLFUL MEANS’ in all endeavors, particularly when dealing with those who don’t. Those ‘two words’ can’t be over emphasized! Causing reactions, or negative responses that discolor what a message is will often have a ‘shrapnel’, or kickback effect that will create a barrier to what was intended. Misuse of language is fodder for misinterpretation, and could have a
‘domino effect’ to negatively affect many others.

As a former ‘corporate salesmen’, it was always emphasized to use common sense, and discernment in selling a product or service. Call it ‘tact’, or salesmanship, but it was ‘skillful means’ that was always used with clients or prospects. In all interactions, tuning into the ‘frequency’ someone is on, and using words, or not, that will be received best for the information desired to send is a ‘spiritual art’, and one that elevates your spirit. A wrong guess increases the odds of an undesirable response.

The more centered, relaxed intelligent type won’t need much skillful means in communicating excepting when meeting those who are not. Along with skillful talk goes skillful listening. Skillful listening will provide clues if needed on how to use ‘skillful means’ to interact, from no response, to body/facial sensitivity, to all possible responses that keeps positivity in the air. One of the more challenging situations is how to respond to an endless talker. As in this case, be creative such as excusing yourself with a smile to either do something you forgot, make an urgent call, go to the rest room, and always done with sensitivity, and a bit of humor helps! Stay in the heart with humor to deflect uncomfortable encounters.

Silence, or light humor at the right moment are excellent tools. Each person is an opportunity to hone spiritual skills using a kind of seduction through what ever interaction seems the most comfortable and natural. Moving in a way that evokes a negative outcome either instantly or later, is never moving in the direction of a meditative state. Starting with a negative may create a permanent negative in someone, or require more ‘skillful means’ to have it be let go of. The juice can’t flow in the negative, move toward the positive passion of something to create a life and love flowing. Step out of the ‘world thought and talk’ into a heartfelt superconsciousness. Arhata

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