How to Avoid Love

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How to Avoid Love
October 12, 2012
Keep being the way you’ve been as the best way to successfully avoid love’s full bloom!
Why do almost all people avoid but a smattering of love, at best? Start with ‘excuses’ why that state of mind and heart continues. One of the biggest is to blame problems and/or rejection on childhood. When one approaches and reaches adult hood, it’s time to take responsibility for clearing up the past where necessary rather than pollute the present, future, and opportunities of love with something negative that is clung to, and be selfish to cloak others with your problems.

Most seem to paddle backwards, and upstream rather than flowing unencumbered into the future. Clinging to uncomfortable memories is a habit that gathers more problems along the journey of life. To be alive at this time in the earths history with all the best answers being unveiled for everyone’s use is a divine blessing that billions never had. Just a few short years ago, life seemed to have no answers other than ones passed down through the centuries, and ones that usually didn’t work. Reliving others lives that were not ones you’d trade for today is a form of masochism.

Identification with bad habits, ego, and general resistances to new information that can be used to experiment with, closes the door on love’s growth. Self creating a ‘shield of protection’ around you because of fearing the unknown is something to be aware of, and take responsibility to focus on moving beyond.

Love comes in many degrees, and forms both from the outside as well as from within. Love is strongest when it is both received and given with no limitations on it expression. Meditation happens alone and in silence where love blooms. Most often in life it has been, and continues to be virtually impossible for two people to meet and experience the depths of love where all discord evaporates. Both have to be, or become, perfectly silent within where all fears have dissipated. In much of the world, arranged marriages, and customs prevented the natural selection process that might otherwise require many serial relationships and inner evolvement.

Love that reverberates in the soul for life and beyond is like a spiritual awakening that creates an awareness and sense of love in every action throughout life. Unlike those who bounce between love, fear, and every negative under the ‘clouds’ the self love that blossoms in meditation, or with another brings a sense of joy that few others will have within them all the time. There is no better way to be rich and free! Why ‘avoid loves’ blessings? Be vulnerable!

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