Addicted to Bad Habits

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Addict of Bad Habits
October 8, 2012
Worst habit is being You! Better said, the habit of clinging to all your bad habits, and unresolved issues, as well as ones you’ve made up, are keeping you from being the best you. It’s not just smoking, drinking, or doing drugs in general, but things easily overlooked like fears, complacency, rigidness, lack of empathy, entitlements, and general repeated behaviors that keep you from a more positive, loving living at the highest level of your inner, spiritual self.

Some bad habits are mentioned by others to you, but stubbornly rejected for any modification. Bad habits are a reflection of an inner discord that lingers like an invisible ‘tape worm’ eating away at all desire, and common sense to change, and release old behaviors that you have unconsciously become comfortable with. People seem skillful at highlighting their good side as a ‘coverup’ to that which they refuse to acknowledge and alter. Getting stuck on fueling your life with ‘assets’ that you may have, while overlooking correctable flaws is to pigeonhole you to being less than who you really are.
Often those ‘assets’ lose their ‘charm’ as life goes on, but especially to people who see the ‘flaws’ more and more exposed. ‘Assets’ misused often coverup a darker side that is left to linger like a shadow that’s always there.

Escaping the past negatives rather than letting them consume you to a ‘life sentence’, being not really who you are in the positive sense, is an escape from ‘love of self’. Stick in a few new habits to replace the old ones. Life always needs resilience or flexibility to adapt to new paradigms. This is a life to choose to have many lifetimes, and in an ‘evolving fashion, or to have the same ole, same ole. Technology is always speeding ahead, and so can you with inner technological advancements!

Manipulating your life around a ‘you’ that doesn’t always feel a ‘self love’ is an unconscious punishment for unnecessary habits that are being clinged to. Mind can be a garbage can that then acts as a ‘clogged’ accelerator to evolving experiences. Mind needs to be cleared of things you don’t need to continuously experience, or are able to convert experiences to more, and better ones. You attract what energy your mind, and heart puts out. Experience always remains open, and receptive to liberating, healthy input. Make sure the life you live is the real blissful you, and not a compilation of others negative opinions as well as your own. Let life be free, loving, and filled with blessings!

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