Marriage by Proxy

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Marriage by Proxy
October 4, 2012
Marrying someone else’s wife while she is married to another, may be what Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism, did before angry husbands killed him, but Mormons no longer allow that sort of behavior. It’s been said that’s why he was put in jail, and subsequently shot by angry male protestors, some being husbands.

In Christianity, it is said to love your neighbor as thy self. The missing part of that statement, is that most don’t do a very good job of loving themselves, and to love their neighbors likewise would be an injustice to the word, ‘love’. Anyway, I’ve often thought that it was permission to love your neighbor’s wife or husband, which seems fine if one uses common sense to know where to draw the line.

Love is a wonderful thing. There is no limit to who you can love whether they know you or not, and maybe neither of you have met, but the love would be there if you did, on some level. Loving someone else’s spouse until recently was a ‘no-no’, but times are a ‘changing’.

Doing something by proxy would be having someone do something on your behalf, usually by agreement, but no reason why love can’t spread it’s wings to wherever it goes including to someone else’s spouse, or someone who is unattached. Common marriage is for the ‘common man or woman’ and is mostly functional with kids and/or material acquisitions thrown in. Add a little spice, called ‘some form of love’, and ‘viola’ a marriage suited for the undiscerning. Marriage of that sort, in my opinion, is a waste of time in this age of many opportunities of love. Only marriage with growing, uninhibited love is worth taking yourself ‘off the market’ for.

Love has a ‘dark side’ in that it may start with stars in the eyes and heart, but if one or both have unresolved issues, this ‘common love’ will conspire to infect maladies that continue endlessly in most cases. Why jump into that kind of ‘love fracas’? Life is best when ‘harmoniously positioned’ to love. Being too close to ‘hampered love’ creates not only uncomfortability, and sporadic moments of alternating love, but with disdain or hatred.

Unless a marriage is one made in heaven, so to speak, let someone else deal with the bullshit, love who you want without having the experience of enduring ‘broken love’. Love of another, and not living with, or being involved with them has its own magic! Let another experience the ‘inadequate love’. Love who you want with no one else’s permission!

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