Spiritual Constipation

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Spiritual Constipation
October 1, 2012
The fear is so subtle that most of humanity suffers from being oblivious to the ‘divine gifts’ of love and godliness that lie beyond religion, and their imaginations. The blind can’t see, but the ‘non seeing’, seeing can’t even ‘see’ themselves as well as the beauties of a world beyond their blindness. The world is choked up with billions of births that contribute no more than flies to the world, and to the inner ‘software technology’ of themselves. Babies are cute, mindless adult ‘zombies’ are not! Zombies with an ‘attitude’ of fear and ignorance, plug the wonderments that the world is so ready to give birth to.

It’s time to impregnate the mind and heart with a more positive, compassionate source of energy. Ignorance, belief systems, fears, egos, negativity have all collected to entrap the ‘free flowing’ of streams of love and light. The general public is starved from the possibilities of people seeking their ‘own’ spiritual awakening instead memorizing words that have been reinterpreted many times from centuries ago. People are constipated in their minds and hearts from not trusting their own seeking, and manifestations coming from experience, common sense, and a deep personal love within themselves.

Many on a spiritual path, get constipated in the head with all kinds of knowledge that seems to not let go into manifesting it into the real world of action. Knew one of the Producers of the original movie ‘Total Recall’ with Arnold Schwarzennegger. He himself had near total recall. Over a few short years he seemed to have studied every so called ‘spiritual masters/gurus’ from India, and was able to not only know about their lives, but to be able to quote a lot of their teachings. On a personal level, all that information ‘backed up’ his ability to put any of the teachings into the manifestations of love, sensitivity, and compassion into more than ‘talk’.

To miss a ‘path of life’ to evolve into a higher consciousness, particularly those living in today’s wonderful developing parts of the world, is a divine opportunity thrown away. It is the good fortune of everyone to follow a spiritual path while letting go of both that which hurt us, as well as letting go of memories that don’t propel us on that life enriching path. Remember, to be free of all limitations, especially letting go of ‘belief systems’ that may have got you to the point of walking rather than flying into the mysterious realms of consciousness. All ‘limitations’ must be ‘killed’ for your quest into the space of godliness.

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