Atheists are Evolved Souls

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Atheists are Evolved Souls
October 2, 2012
Everyone is at differing levels of evolvement, or not, on ‘spiritual/conscious’ levels.
A positive, loving atheist has broken away from what became the ‘chains of religion’. Religion is a good thing for the sick, confused, needy who don’t, for one reason or another, seek a more enlightened path on their own. A certain small percentage of people will always claim to know the answers that are written by men who claimed to know the answers for all of time! All of time?!! Could that be?! Apparently these are words ‘ok’d by God?!

Believers are ‘deceivers’! Deceivers of themselves. No one can define God even near precisely, yet billions claim to know not only the ‘gender’ (Him) but ostensibly can define  him. For every ‘believer’ is a deceiver who has a different version. Few people really know, and experience more than a ‘smattering’ of deep love. How can anyone ‘know’ God without knowing love, and being able to demonstrate that. God is a belief. ‘No God’, is a belief. Both are certainly wrong guesses, however usually the ‘atheist’ is free of all or more of the ‘guilt, fear, and trust in words that may not even been ‘original ones. Even if original, that has little to do with veracity!

On the path of godliness or spiritual, I have to give the open minded atheist the edge to being more evolved! However, if the atheist is one because of reaction against God believers, they are no higher than those they react against. Most who will claim to be atheist, or not knowing, have a certain integrity of innocence. They at least are possibly open to ‘deeper answers’.

Christians, whether they admit it or not (and it goes both ways) don’t really think Muslims believe in the same god. The ‘word game’ is never ending. One has to wonder if both religions are not worshipping a false god, or better yet one that doesn’t exist as they perceive? Reason is a whore – the greatest enemy faith has!

Freedom to question ones beliefs is not recommended by any religion. Atheists are at least generally a little more open to evolving beyond ancient scripture, and not being hypocritical to the same extent. Both seem to have good intentions to find answers to the soul, although many atheists question the soul’s existence.

Labels are for the insecure as are all belief systems, God or not. The path of ‘divine’, godliness, spiritual, or consciousness is a journey where the first step is to sense that something is ‘beyond’ what is known. Following that hunch can be a journey up into the realms of heaven within, instead of seeing it as ‘out there’. Religion or atheism can be a beginning step to a bottomless, topless nirvana.

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