Light Ends Darkness

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Light Ends Darkness

September 27, 2012
Then there was light! My primary and favorite meditation is the ‘Sacred Yes’. I call my ‘meditation-live-in-center’ here, as I have since the ’90’s, the ‘Yesss Center’. The ‘yes meditation’ in a nutshell is to say ‘yesss’ to everything, but without ignoring the negative. The ‘negative, or dark’ is not necessarily something to avoid, but to see it’s usefulness whether it be sleeping in the dark or seeing the outer limits of ‘positivity’ that bring to our awareness to stay in that space, and not cross into the ‘negative’.

THERE IS AN OLD HINDU STORY… Once darkness went to God and appealed and said, ‘I have not done anything wrong, but your sun every morning goes on chasing me, for no reason at all, and I am tired of running away from here to there, and the sun goes on chasing me round the earth! This is unjust.’

God said, ‘I will call the sun.’ The sun was called, and God asked the sun, ‘Why do you go on creating trouble for my darkness? She has not done anything wrong to you. This is unjust.’

The sun was surprised. He said, ‘I have never come across her. What are you talking about? What do you mean by darkness? I have never come across anything like that. Please call her in front of me.’

It isn’t possible to call darkness into the light. Darkness is not a reality, existing, and yet not existing. Don’t fight the negative or darkness, just bring in the light, and darkness disappears.  Negative thinking is imaginary, inspite of seeming real when positive thinking is on. It’s not possible to bring negative thinking into the positive. Negative is out there as a barrier to avoid, and that works by staying in the positive.

‘Yes’ eliminates the intrusion of a ‘no’. Yes converts the negative ‘no’ into a positive ‘yes’. Always seek the affirmative. The truth stands alone and is the light. Godliness is synonymous with light and love. If Godliness is there, darkness is not. Allow the awareness within to be the light that keeps out the darkness. Goodness stands alone without evil. Love is light where hate and it’s attributes never enter. Assume the best that the light brings more light and love. Always assume that love is your best friend.

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