Wall of Protection

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Wall of Protection
September 22, 2012
Chastity belt or bullet proof vest, or if just a comparable psychological invisible barrier that few leave home, or even stay at home without it? In recent years, the world has been alerted to have no sex unprotected, in other words, a wall of protection called a condom. Protection often is a smart and healthy thing, but with discernment in when it serves a better purpose. Humans live in protection from themselves! Few die having had an experience in life of unprotected love!

Love is a gentle, vulnerable, fragile, life giving force that, unprotected, is also open to the elements of abuse, and even death.  Yet the greatest personal ‘faux pas’ is to pass through this life’s journey, and push aside life’s greatest gift of ‘forever expanding love’.

The ‘chastity belt’ of love needs to find a safe space to ‘let go’, and open its energies with unconditional safety and trust. Sometimes it’s not so easy to see who’s wearing the protection, but on the other hand, if you’re not, a close eye of observation will tell you that it seems epidemic with everyone you see. Eyes sinking into eyes, and heart into another’s heart is to open the eternal treasures of love.

People as adults carry issues that hurt and confused them as children leaving an impression that carries some sort of fear when love knocks needing an open heart. Feelings of abandonment, failure, shame, anxiety over wrong choices, insecurity, worthlessness,  bad self image, entitlements, and on and on, rise up as obstacles to letting go in love.

Meeting someone with any of the above mentioned unresolved issues whether you too have some of them, or even none, will create dissonance, and an unfulfilled love connection.  Agreements to change the ‘resistance’ between both partner participants is crucial. An open communication agreement with no holds is necessary, as well as an agreement to avoid personal judgment while expressing compassion for each other is critical. Patience for as long as it take to break through the limitations is also imperative.
Agreement to both participate in meditations will deepen, and accelerate the free and uninhibited expression of love.

Take on a new ‘protection’ – the protection of the opportunity to realize all the love that is your right and possible. Relationships can be a spiritual journey!

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