Atheists are Dry Drunks

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Atheists are Dry Drunks
September 17, 2012
Ex President George Bush, Jr. was a ‘dry drunk’ after he quit being a practicing alcoholic, but that only matters some! ‘Dry Drunks’ are the same one’s that drink, but control their angers and fears in what appears to be ‘socially acceptable ways’. They do NOT resolve the issues buried within them that caused the coverup by drugs or alcohol. When they no longer overtly imbibe these ‘toxins’ to make them forget prior damages to themselves, usually they proudly think they have conquered ‘something’. Give them some credit for quitting the obvious bad habit that seemed to be ‘addictive’. But…

Few escape unresolved issues, or if they had them, clear them up. Atheists (and not the ones who just flippantly call themselves that), but the serious ones, are little different than the religious who they are ‘reacting to’! Love is not a reaction, but a response of the heart energy. There is nothing addictive about innocent love from the heart. An addiction is a behavior that cannot be easily walked away from WITHOUT substituting it with other addictions! For example, some alcoholics, claim to be saved by Jesus or Muhammad, and then began ‘drinking’ them thinking they are not addicted anymore.

People need nothing but the basics for survival, and that includes ‘an awareness, and love’ which usually gets polluted after early childhood by becoming addicted to your false self, and unresolved problems that seems to define you to the point of obsession. You are a pure, beautiful, loving being, and anything else other than that is called a ‘false self’ that enables a persistent behavior of reaction to it. Love is a response, and in it’s true form just is with has no addictions contrary to it.

All religions are addictions! Addictions NEVER help except to the few who thought they had to have them to see what a waste of time they were. When one stops one addiction without clearing up ‘the why’s’, another takes it’s place even if it seems more ‘acceptable’ like religion or even atheism. No one needs any label! The real life of consciousness begins with the letting go of belonging to all groups, ideologies, religions, and social this or that.

Some who call themselves ‘atheists’ are like Christians who really are not but just use the label as it’s a ‘no brainer’, and they for some reason cling to the moniker fearing to let go. Titles or belonging to this or that, are just ‘practical means of identification’ for others to relate to. Atheists don’t believe in a God. That’s just a foolish as ‘believing in one’! Both are fantasias of people having a need to ‘fit into others perceptions’. Spiritual beings look within themselves and life with awareness and discernment to grow into ‘godliness beings’. All the rest is just ‘mental masturbation’, as a Jesus (who might as well be called Bruce or Amy) of today would say! Love yourself, and the ‘divine’ will bless you!

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