I Am Jesus ( 4 of ? )

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I AM JESUS (4 of ?)
September 15, 2012
Are you one that has ‘close encounters’ with Jesus? Let’s hope so! For as Jesus inferred, ‘I am the light of love and eternity – I am in you, and you in me if you lay down your swords and see! The ‘swords’ are your mind which disturbs the silence of God or Godliness. Jesus is you in the splendor of your enlightenment, all you have to do is ‘stop’, see, feel, and know you are He! Male or female, all are free and equal in the eyes of the divine.

Jesus does not need the ‘shackles’ of religions dogma by whatever name it imprisons the unaware and fearful. If Jesus hovers over you, fear not to let him in to fill your spirit with the divine. Jesus goes by many names, even for those who appear to have fallen in the footsteps of the ‘evil, dark side’ of denying who they are meant to be. Darkness exists to rest the light, but the mind filled with ‘other worldly’ things will misuse it to adorn himself contrary to the inner gifts of self love.

There is enough love to go around for everyone eternally. Those who fight with the dark are really avoiding the power of love given to all. The mind that is controlled by the words of others acting as spokesmen for God, is a mind in the dark fearing what comes later as if a boogieman is on the chase. Maturity is to know that you have more control over your thoughts than any that are purported to be the messengers of god. Maturity is to use discernment in all actions seeking the highest possible outcome for oneself as well as for others.

Modern technology, starting with the ‘printing press’ has enabled millions, of mostly men, to spread the ancient ‘words’ of many scribes that likely had every good intent to write what they thought was good conduct information for the roving people’s with no formal education who were always at odds of violence with one another. The more ‘primitive mind’ of those long ago times needed simple characters to relate to. The masses were illiterate as well as ignorant of what was going on in this thing called life. They were susceptible to miracles as well as mythical stories. Here-say was the main vehicle of supposed knowledge always uncorroborated.

Today, there is no need for legends and stories inspired by God centuries ago for an entirely different humanity and need. ‘Waking up’ is to see that we are all sons and daughters of the universe of godliness and love. It’s up to each individual soul to partake of their divine right to see that all each needs is unfettered love. Each has a love and light switch on them, but with choice to use it.

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