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September 13, 2012
Female energy needs to rise to the top for making more positive, and needed changes in the world.

Let it first be said that men have their fair share of ‘-aholic habits’ too, however they don’t seem to have the edge in one of the worst habits in the world. Whether it’s shopping in markets, garage sales, flea markets, super stores. or ‘on-line’, women are obsessed with ‘buy, buy, buy’, or with little money, look, browse, examine, and wish. Along with this ‘bad(?)’ habit comes a million reasons to defend it, followed by denial or anger if it’s pointed out. Rich or poor, it’s the same habit! Put up a cheap jewelry booth, and it’s like roaches fighting over a piece of cheese on the floor.

Who’s a shopaholic? Anyone spending an average of 2 hours per week through out the year? Ask someone who isn’t, and who knows your shopping behavior, if you are!

America, and soon the whole world, is controlled by consumerism, materialism, slovenly  behavior, greed, and all other worldly things bereft of the responsibility of ‘growth of the inner consciousness’. Most Americans are like ‘flotsam of plastic’ floating in our oceans wreaking havoc on nature oblivious to a ‘conscious world order’ that is in need of them to create. Millions pay false homage to religions without listening to clear evidence from credible researchers what really is true, and not as a ‘hail mary’ for entry into heaven while the observable worship is ‘things’. ‘Things’ to buy, and ‘things’ to do acting as if all else in love and matters of the ‘afterlife’ they are entitled to without their being concerned.

More truths are revealed now than ever before, however they are insignificant compared to the negative ‘spins on truths’, and their ready dissemination to the naively informed. ‘Things’ have become the new ‘holiest’ in the world! Drop the word ‘holy’ as it’s an ancient concept perpetrated by the soothsayers of outdated religions.

Shop for insights into who you really are. Look for and find the unchained love, and consciousness within you. Spending inordinate time looking on the outside for happiness is to avoid shopping for the inner treasures and jewels within. Find those unused benefits within you, and in consciousness, then decide if shopping has anywhere near the value you gave it when valuing the outer more than the inner. The nectar of life is in the unseen and priceless!

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