Sensitive & Rude

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Sensitive & Rude
September 10, 2012
Call it sweet and sour? Rose & dagger? Bipolar? Reactionary? Arrogant? Self sensitive people, but caustic for seemingly imaginary provocation, and having little reason with anyone? Selective sensitivity sucks! Many people fit this description to one degree or other. Amazingly, I’ve encountered people who espouse their religiousness or spirituality as ones who embrace their divine inheritance setting them apart from the disparaging sheeple of humanity, but fall very short of their talk to walk! Is it unresolved anger from childhood as well as from life’s experiences while in that unresolved condition?

Many people fit into the ‘growth and protection’ category. Growth meaning that they have, or are growing mentally and/or spiritually-emotionally perhaps beyond the ‘norm’. While they are ‘growth people’ they harbor a sense of protection of that which they seemingly have ignored be it anger, depression or other symptoms of disparaging situations in the past. What shows up is nice, seemingly evolved people who ‘push’ others away without acknowledging that they do, or even being aware of it. Ignoring what many others think of you as to ‘negatives’ that you have ‘possessed’ you is ironically, non spiritual.

If you’re not one of these people, how do you offer constructive criticism? There are ways, but at the peril of being shunned or discarded for telling the truth – even permanently. Whatever method used to convey, let it be by the spiritual tools of ‘skillful means’ perhaps starting with ‘small or undetectable means’, and in time if necessary ‘upping the ante’ to the ‘dangerous’ direct approach’ while, at the same time, making it less dangerous to future friendship while coming from the heart.

If you are one of the ‘sweet and sour, rose and dagger’ people, now is always a good time for a self examination. Invite two or three friends viewpoints about how your unresolved issues show up, and ‘spew’ on others who may well be undeserving. Always be self aware enough to apologize for all negative interactions with friends in particular.
All intimate relationships need open compassionate communication with a consistent focus on evolving in a space of love. Love is a ‘growth thang’, and need not be ‘protected’ from growth! Those claiming and acknowledging an ‘evolved state’ need to be a light example for others. ‘Lightening and thunder moods’ often offer little protection for the deserving. Love, empathy, and compassion are the tools of wisdom! Why be your own rival?!

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