Rel;igions in the Dark

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Religions in the Dark
September 5, 2012
The true facts behind religions have lived in the dark. Angels in the night who don’t come out in the light are creatures of the dark instead. Religion Salesmen (who go by other names in their religion), by now should know that the ‘exposure’ to the light of ancient fabrications is now revealing the transparent lies that have been accepted as ‘God’s word’. The scribes who wrote the ‘holy books’ are not at fault, it’s those who knowingly perpetuate their personal agendas on the innocent, gullible, fearful and lazy flock who obviously cannot see the scam.

Never met a man worth a damn who didn’t see the whole religion show as a big scam. To ‘hook’ the hearts and minds of billions of people with someone (s) else’s diatribe that is from other times long gone, is to turn the words of admonishment therein on oneself. Shoving little kids into a ‘house that spins ancient rhetoric’ into a means to control a child that you fail to teach from your own wisdom and personal experience, is a form of molestation of a child’s right to free will to think for themselves. Give a child the choices to see beyond someone else’s purported truth.

My parents let each of us 6 kids select our own path for religion or whatever. Although, their were only 2 churches in our little coastal logging town of Cosmopolis, Washington, the adjacent towns had 20-25 churches to select from, and dad was willing to drive us to anyone of them. I checked out at least 10 of them, while not particularly enamored with any. My curiosity was if the so called ‘most Christians’ walked their talk or not? What I saw shook me up to start questioning.

Religions live and thrive in the dim lights of darkness while claiming that they have the light of god to lead them away from some Hell that awaits those who shun the ancient words they follow.

It’s time for everyone to see the ‘lights of transparency’ are on in the world. Ever notice the cameras everywhere? The amount of ‘conscious information’ to lead one into the light of awareness and deeper love has increased infinitely that last very few decades, and yet the average person clings to dead people’s words that were meant for people centuries ago. Sure, they can be picked through for wisdom, but no one needs to join any organization or burn midnight oil finding words to memorize and parrot. Walk tall, be informed, communicate, practice compassion, and make a sense of humor part of you. See all scriptures within your heart and awareness like the children of Godliness. The future, not figuratively but literally is up to you.

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