Freedom From Religion

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Freedom FROM Religion

August 31, 2012
Time to dump the old way of ‘truth mixed with lies’! If a husband tells the truth most of the time to his wife, and yet cheats, doesn’t that make him a phony, and dump-able? It’s reason to say it’s not working! The USA’s ‘white sound’ of ‘freedom of religion’ is no longer a viable contributor to a better world. The lights of the world are coming on, and it’s clear to those without dark sunglasses that religions have become the ‘devil’s child’ creating a ‘religion ego’ that is a closed mind, and if truth be known, only a heart partially open.

Religion is a comfy box for the damaged, gullible, and ignorant. No wise being would want to be part of an organization created around him. Religion is dogma ‘man’ufactured by man who prides himself in being a ‘do gooder’ who has found a way to allegedly help those fearful, and impoverished of the spirit. Truth is, any ‘civil’ gathering of folks to bolster spirit will do just that. No needs to have a holy book that threatens hell and damnation if one doesn’t follow it. Religion has become a big business to sell others to come, and be saved. Be ‘saved from religion’!

No spiritual person would not be able to see through the hoopla from the mostly trained shepard’s of so called god’s children. All great ‘seerers’ and spiritual adepts follow no written word, particularly word’s that have been changed over and over.

Freedom to worship any so called religion you may want is a wonderful characteristic of American culture, but many many have grown beyond listening to a ‘trained parrot of some religion’ and it’s threats of eternal damnation. Millions won’t think beyond what someone else feeds them, and they usually find reasons why it helps them with out considering that the only real help is from ‘inside’ yourself.

Most people need fixing to be able to enjoy the fullness of love’s possibilities. Religion is a veneer or sugar coating, and not capable of reaching deep in where unlimited love exists. The most valuable quality humans can possess is not religion but love in it’s unconditional fullness.  Conditional love rarely ‘begets’  unconditional love. Love isn’t available in it’s deep personal qualities in some church or edifice of religion. Finding someone to love usually does not work either! Love that’s not real, and unconditional is like a radio station that fades in and out. Rare is the individual who can tune into a consistent love frequency AND find another to create harmony or stereo with.

The only way most will be able to tune into an ongoing frequency of love is by some meditation technique, and the awareness of letting go of all ‘interference’ of the past. Religion is NOT the answer to love! You possess the answer within your spiritual, conscious self! Be in the moment, all is there!

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