Femifest Not ‘Man’ifest

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Femifest Not ‘Man’ifest
August 30, 2012
The ‘his’tory of the world is all male, and not about the, uh one’s that produced them! The ‘male ego’ is big enough to start a new planet, perhaps with ‘blow-up dolls’ that won’t talk back. Men have ruled the ‘roost’ for long enough time to both ‘modernize the world’ , while accomplishing little to feminize it yet into a more spiritual-conscious world. Wars and violence need to be a thing of the past, and not of the future. The ‘femifestation’ of the world has begun, but at every turn meets with the old male neanderthal ‘men’tality. Time to clean up all these ‘male-ized’ words that are only there to deify males at the expense of females.

Let’s begin with the so called ‘Son of God’. Really, it’s the ‘Sun of God’ (or existence) that saves you! If you doubt that, stay away from the sun for a few short years, and instead pray to Jesus without the light of the sun 24/7? You’ll find out who ‘saves’ you! The example of men’s characterization of wo’men’ goes on and on. ‘Mailman’ gets it in twice. ‘Men’ustration and ‘men’opause! Then there is ‘man’icure, e’man’cipate, ‘men’orah, and of course a’men’!

Govern’men’ts of the world need more of the softer, gentler, more compassionate energy of less male ego and greed. All of history is one of male domination, and endless destruction.

A woman by nature is especially caring with the responsibility of birth, and raising children with love, common sense, and inspiring all the attributes of a conscious being. Life in the past has been without the infinite amenities we have today as well as equal educational opportunities. A woman had no leadership opportunities as is still the case in many parts of the world, and still here too. Religions which were suppose to help humanity have to some degree, but from their inception has cast woman as second to males. Religion has been more concerned with their individual claims as the only interpreters of their holy books.

No longer does woman need to be trapped behind, and being second class to any male. The world needs the sensitivity, and love of women leading the way into a more peaceful and conscious heaven on earth. It’s time for man to find that same state within himself, and work with, and assist his counterpart, and mother of all to rise up and lead the world into a much better place for all. Encourage it to be our ‘femifest destiny’. Not a-men, but ‘namaste’!

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  1. The ‘men’ part of the word menstruation and menopause comes from the latin ‘menses’ or moon and is related to the monthly moon cycles.

    Not a male plot to ‘male-ize’ language against women.

    Also, what about women who don’t want to have children? Are they not women in your eyes? Judging by the second-to-last paragraph this is your opinion.

    Such generalisations about women don’t help women, in fact they reenforce patriarchal notions of what ‘womanhood’ is. Very unhelpful and not what I thought feminism was about.

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