Rich & Now Homeless

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Rich & Now Homeless
August 28, 2012
Homelessness is a possibility for all. Anyone can be on the street! On one of the continents, one of the richest men found himself homeless, and on the run. His palatial estate was gutted of all his treasures by the local poor treasure hunters, except for his diapers he left behind. The continent was Africa, the country, Zaire (now called the Democratic Republic of the Congo), the man was the ostentatious leader named Mobutu. Mobutu died in 1997, weeks after losing his material wealth and had escaped to in Morocco. Rich or poor all end up homeless in the sky if not here first.

I have a close connection to one of those millionaires who as a ‘Celebrity’ of sorts lost all of his millions mostly in the Wall St. Stock Market in very recent years. Now, he’s virtually homeless in one of Americas elite beach communities, and due to his ego, and erroneous misperceptions is without a friend in the world. He is seemingly clever at keeping friends at bay who would like to be helpful but for his arrogance. No one is guaranteed to float on a  magic rug in paradise with every amenity available. Life is a teacher, and all are it’s students regardless of perceived entitlements.

Strangely, very few of humankind, will open their hearts, minds, and doors of their homes as a safety net inspite of their likely denial, or mental tabloid of excuses why they won’t.

Homelessness usually begins in the head following a path in life that manifests it in reality. Life has twists, and turns even for those who seemingly follow the ‘golden rules’. Life has little prescribed sets of rules other than for each to find the connection of harmony within, as well as in the world out there.

People create ‘buffers’ from seeing themselves as they really are, and somewhere down the line lose touch with that one who use to be the innocent friend within. Rare are the rich who aren’t overcome by wealth’s seductiveness, and resulting loss of a connection to their ‘soul self’. Rich or homeless, no one is exempt from life’s unexpected turns. Those who live in an open minded, positive space of compassion, love, and awareness often have more luck, blessings, and miracles in their lives. Wherever you go as well as whatever happens, home should be where you are.

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