Men Control Love

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Men Control Love

photoMan In The Mirror – If I don’t start loving myself then how can I expect others to love me… or you?

August 27, 2012

Rare is the woman who doesn’t have ‘jelly beans’ between her ears when it comes to entering love’s dark cavern. Men, on the other hand, have ‘viagra’ in the brain and lower extremities. Love is rarely not a slippery slope as lots of challenges meet the ‘test’ of it’s authenticity. Fool’s gold is not real, and love follows closely behind to fool all but the ‘conscious’. Rarely is what appears to be love, really more than a temporary infatuation that sometimes gets caught in the spokes of marriage. Love falls into a business arrangement where neither is willing to completely communicate openly, or even let go of the fantasy that hooked them together.

Falling in love transposes to ‘falling from love’! Loving yourself means being pleased, and excited about who you are ‘inside yourself’ twenty four hours a day. When two people who are both in that space connect, each feels that sameness about the other as they do themselves.

THE KICKER HERE IS that men typically fall from love back to mostly lust while women are left standing holding the bag of love’s hopes for ‘no end in sight’. Call it jilted love, or just a bad decision for longevity with ‘rising quality of consciousness’. Women are left holding a ‘dream of love’ that gathers dust in the closet of time. Man is off, usually clandestinely, following the combo of jelly beans in his head propelled by the viagra of his self interest.

What to do?

It’s always wise for a woman to pick a man as conscious or more so than herself. Consciousness, in this case meaning, of strong personal common sense, love of self, demonstrated ability to consistently give and receive love, and with a sense of the spiritual. Settling for a fire than turns to smoldering embers plus a ‘dick with wallet’, is to get the results of that selection – somewhere between heaven and hell with a propensity to spend most of the time between purgatory and hell.

Mostly, both are ill prepared for any sustaining love connection that bears fruit other than kids who then continue the masquerade of ‘pretending’. In consciousness, rarely would anyone want what millions of others appear to have in love. Makeshift love of each other is usually really a case of accumulating stuff both materially and psychologically with little regard for the benefits of a clearing rise in a state of love. The state of consciousness and love reached continues moving forward, otherwise, backward. Drop the programming of past centuries, and move upward into the new man and woman of consciousness.

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