Open Minded Faith

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Open Minded Faith
August 26, 2012
Those of ‘faith’ have very open minds!? However, when I talk openly about their ‘faith’ with common sense questions and observations, they recoil, get defensive, angry, or go into ‘parroting scripture’! It’s not only the male religion scribes centuries ago that are to be questioned, but what they would say today! It doesn’t take a genius to look around and see that thousands of males AND females have wise things to say about life and love that seems to cover much more, as well as being very contemporary. No women wrote back millenniums ago, and we have no idea if these male scribes wrote from ‘wishful thinking’ or if they even had the experiences to write about ‘holy stuff’.

No writing today is called ‘holy’, why was it back in the dark ages? Did the word ‘holy’ mean something else, or  perhaps todays religion salesmen like the sound? Perhaps they were in awe that so many years ago, man could actually write his thoughts out? Creating a religion is to ‘box’ people into a certain mold so as to ‘vampire’ them for power and money while the ‘orchestrator’ convinces himself that he his god’s vessel and these people need him. Intoxication of the religious ego?

Faith is a temporary thing or state to guide one beyond relying on faith so that it is no longer needed. Why get stuck on faith if the answers you seek can be found void of needing faith? Faith is for ‘insecurity’, and when applied to religion, for those who lead their lives from fear, ignorance, and being too lazy or stubborn to look beyond what they have allowed themselves to be programmed with.

The ‘faith’ we hear about relative to religion is a cliche for control of the gullible and/or wounded. It’s not a bad thing, but getting attached to it, and always being a seeker while calling yourself a finder (i.e.., fining the Lord) is good only for the short term until you move beyond, and into the world of a higher consciousness of your own. Attachment to faith where ‘knowing’ is available corrupts, and stagnates what could be an open mind.

I meet Christians who have the courage to talk with me at my ‘free speech displays’, and they are curious what I’m doing. I immediately inform them that displayed here is information to provoke thinking to open the mind more. Inevitably they complain while saying they have an open mind. My answer is, ‘I’m sure you do…among other Christians only’! Faith is a door way to open to seek, and hopefully find what’s sought, then to know. With awareness ‘faith’s door’ can be opened to reveal what eliminates the need for faith. Call it truth.

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