Coming Unglued!

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Coming Unglued!
August 19, 2012
Losing control of your emotions happens to everyone at some point. The mind and heart mostly are filled with unnecessaries, or put another way not open for new input! ‘Capping’ the mind or heart with shallow information is to let other’s control your life by having you thinking you’ve got the right information without having really examined it yourself without the input of others. Escaping the mind, unplugging the heart and letting the energy rise up to transform the meaningless into a far off memory is a start.

The whole world is plugged up with control devices perpetuated by holy mythical men who are sold as real’, but must be known oddly through belief and faith. Christianity and it’s ‘religion salesmen’ control the calendar based of Jesus, and then Easter, Christmas, Sunday worship, etc., that becomes accepted without much question. The politicians gain power through playing the role of being part of the believers. It’s called, ‘shearing the sheep or sheeple’.

People can exist without unloading the brain, or opening the heart more than a crack, but existing isn’t living to the full capable potential. The full awareness possibilities of the mind will not happen while carrying judgments, and experiences that are from the past which haven’t been ‘let go’ of the attachment to. Forgetting isn’t always necessary, but the ‘puppet strings of control’ from past traumas must be cut and released. Likely it’s necessary to trust a friend who is free of all strings to assist you. One of life’s challenges is to find that friend for they are always there waiting for you. Holding on to that which has closed you in this day and age, with all the ability and support to do otherwise, is like a suicide from life and love.

Don’t accept who you, and others think you are without seeing the perfection beyond and within yourself. Few get beyond the ‘tattoo’ of the personality/ego, or false self that hides from the zone of awareness, and unlimited love within yourself including the capability to have it with someone who can exemplify the same. Do you just find yourself alive on this planet, and have decided just to continue, or do you want to make the best of the opportunity? Not a bad idea to be a little more alert, a little more conscious to see who you really are! Throw out all the trash and just focus on the bottom line, ‘’Do unto other what you would have  done unto you’’… and, be sensitive to what they would want.

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