Up & Down Happiness

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Up & Down Happiness
July 31, 2012
Life is a bit like a long train ride on a hilly track that goes up and down. To go down it needs to go up. The evolution of consciousness is always met with training opportunities that need your cushioning of the ride seeing it in a positive light. Nothing is wrong with you as you are just not familiar with the newness of situations. Every day is a mystery and has a different feel, sometimes apparently for no reason. The up and downs are less noticeable when the ‘track of the past’ stays in the past, and not clung to becoming an impediment to moving ahead.

Life is peaks and valleys. To go to the peaks its natural to go to the valleys. Enjoy both, as every day is followed by night, the mountain needs the valleys. Enjoy the darkness for the stars in the sky, when daylight comes, there are no stars.

Life has to know all vicissitudes of existence to obtain the richness that life has to offer. Life with no sadness, tears, apprehension, etc., is a shallow, poor life. LIfe is a dialectical process. Night brings a new day. Death brings a new life. Sadness brings a new joy and happiness. Emptiness brings a new fulfillment. All is connected as one organic whole. We create anguish or problems by misinterpreting things. Accept all situations and seek to turn them into opportunities that are enriching. Night is pregnant with the day, and day needs the night to rest.

Don’t judge whether something is good or bad. Just accept, and see everything as a gift to use in a way that makes it feel as a gift. Be grateful for everything, and just accept. Gratefulness in the heart will transform and heighten you awareness as it deepens your love.

Avoid going against the current, flow with what is in acceptance. Never find yourself admitting you are a failure. You are an expression of the universe of godliness. Let others negative measurements of you be seen as their inability to see that you are a wonder of nature. The rich are in some way poor, and the poor in someway are rich.

Existence is always a support, and is never against you. Trust existence for it is wiser than you. Open the energy of your heart to better see things clearer, or as a blessing. There is no end and the beginning hasn’t started – not just yet.  Relax and enjoy the journey. Be the watcher of ups and downs, and see them as a part of nature that will bring you happiness.

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