Love Doesn’t Accept All

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Love Doesn’t Accept All
July 29, 2012
Love accepts all that can’t be changed. Seems to be an ingrained notion in most people that when coupling, each is expected to accept the other as they are. On the surface that sounds like an acceptable deal. Why if you love someone should you try and change them? It’s common for couples to come together not really knowing each other as well as they will down the road, and then with a lot more to say about what they have  professed themselves to be compared to what they perceived in their starry eyes of ‘love forever’.

People today live much longer, with more variables, opportunities, indecisiveness, confusion, etc., than was apparent in all of time. Religions are losing the hold of the fears, and guilts that they controlled people with a few short years ago (in conjunction with politicians, of course). People are encouraged more and more to think for themselves, and question the old norms realizing that personal and social barriers are fast changing. However, while we have become an easy target for thoughts that are more easily converted into a more progressive action than ever before, at the same time the country’s evolvement is being watered down with more and more of the poor and uneducated.

Love has no business coddling that which can be changed but for holding on to the old adage that ‘we must be accepted as we are’. Yes, it’s a starting point, but love is a ‘verb’ , and shows its divine colors by communicating its effort always to rise. Falling in love is just that, ‘falling’. Love is a rising action that isn’t about resting on ‘laurels’ that pop up unexpectedly once the ‘catch’ is complete. Love may begin with ‘chemistry’, but typically looses its oomph as the chemistry loses its ‘fizz’ like a bottle of unopened coke sitting for days.

All living things grow or deteriorate – status quo of life’s greatest gift to spread itself is love unchained, and freedom to perpetually blossom. An excitement of love is to see and experience its growth, not its malaise into functional, and humdrum downward spiral into a long ago forgotten memory. You are here to commit to evolving, and growing in spirit as well as in daily actions. Putting up with each other to keep a long ago spark alive is only going to die into cold embers. Love can ‘move on’, while not forgetting to give back to those once a burning fire of love.


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