No Prophet in Atheism

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No Prophet in Atheism
July 28, 2012
Love doesn’t live for any profit or prophet. Love doesn’t need proselytizing, be it acceptance, or rejection of any proclamations attributed to man’s claim of the need to worship a higher power, or the denial of such as a reactionary position. The ‘force of love’ is free for the giver and receiver – no gatekeeper or filter between unlimited versions of God is necessary particularly when money or profit is involved.
An educated, and or intelligent citizenry is one that is mature enough to see, and experience the mysteries of life’s forces such as love.

Someone said, “No one has ever been stoned to death by an atheist.” Someone else said, ‘‘prayers don’t work for atheists’’. Opinions on God or no God are like grains of sand on the world’s beach, never ending. Clinging to thoughts of anyone, be they from thousands of years or yesterday, is still not the inner you from experience and knowing. No ‘prophet’ would want one anyone selling their thoughts as channeled from infinite interpretations of god while they support their life with 2nd hand information that may indeed be out of touch with the new moment of today.

Fishing for solutions for a problem that is not only unidentified but isn’t even a credible problem is like a blind philosopher looking for a black cat on a dark night in a house with no windows when there is no cat. People weave webs of deception that they become entangled in, choking them from being free to ‘be and see’ who they really are. Life and love continues as a blessing moment to moment regardless of ‘belief systems’ or none at all.

Choosing is the problem! You have chosen to be born as the most advanced animal on the planet in the most advanced time in our history. To settle on a life that amounts to mediocrity, and living hum-drum day to day with little perks once in a while is to ‘spit in the face’ of life’s opportunities. Selfish, greedy people close their minds and hearts to life’s blessings while they settle on repetitively living in the rut they have created.

The is no point in ‘choosing’ to worship or not. Living life from the here and now, positive intelligence, with an open heart, will manifest an infinite amount of, wow’s, ‘I can’t believe this really happened’ moments. In my life there is always a stream of miracles that I feel rival any person of religion and atheism, or more. Walk knowing you are of the divine and the divine will bless you.

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