Intellect is Garbage

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Intellect is Garbage
July 23, 2012
Beyond the veritable, practical, and positive usage of the intellect, it is merely a garbage dump of useless information. Since the advent of computers and the world wide internet, we have easy access to information that goes far beyond what any mind stores. You have collected the opinions and beliefs of parents, friends, social institutions, and society for so long that you are saddled with the fear of letting go. Mindless acceptance of not questioning ‘authority’ has created a stupidity that continues to collect in the mass minds as useless garbage. Intellectuality is a quality of the mind only.

Millions of people in the US have unknowingly allowed themselves to be ‘useful idiots’ for political parties. Rotting, nonsense garbage in the ‘accumulating brain’ has allowed the majority of people to be categorized like sheep to serve the greed of politicians and their puppeteers – certain corporations through their salesmen lobbyists. Much talk has taken place for years that the goal of the New World Order (NWO) is to have ultimate control over the populace through required ‘microchipping or med chipping’. Sadly, most people are already subject to ‘control and manipulation’ by their naivete to be aware enough to separate truth from fiction.

The circuits of the intellect can, and do get overloaded with unnecessary information some of it being worries, guilts, angers, fears, blames, anxieties, false projections, and general flotsam that floats in the brain which seems to have no healthy outlet. The human mind, especially in this information age, is like a vacuum cleaner taking everything in. With no release, the clogging of the mind can spread through out the body inviting in ailments otherwise not likely to happen to a balanced, healthy person. Since we are first and foremost, spiritual beings, clarity of the being is necessary for spiritual evolvement.

The heart is a balancer for the mind, and where ‘intelligence’ comes from. The open heart with awareness is a special friend of the brain to avoid it being overloaded. Society wants people to be capable of being controlled, in other words ‘slaves’. Intelligent people are not necessarily intellectual, and intellectual people are often not intelligent. The brain without the heart is ‘stupid’, cluttered with information, at best, that may impress, but often depresses people.

Society wants you to be stupid or controlled by the shallow intellect void of intelligence. Intelligence is dangerous. Intelligence means you will start thinking on your own, you will start looking around on your own. You will not believe in the scriptures; you will believe only in your own experience. Experiment, meditate, experience — unless it becomes your own understanding, nothing is going to help. Open up and let go of all negatives.

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