Female Knuckleheads

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Female Knuckleheads
July 26, 2012
A minority of females are frankly embarrassed that most females are asleep at the wheel of opportunity. The ‘open window of opportunity’ is now for all females to rise and take control away from centuries and millenniums of unnecessary, debilitating male manipulation, domination, and control.  As a lifetime proponent of equal female rights, I’m appalled at how most females are either on the ‘dole’ by males or just plain oblivious of their lower status in a ‘free society’ as in the US. Most females are either outright defenders of male domination or just pure ‘zonked’ out that they are indeed contributors.

The world is a ‘male club’ fighting for control and money, if truth is on the table it is primarily for ‘lust of female attention’ – not to discount the mind control of the young naiveté boy-men by the older males who share the same lust fantasies. A significant majority of females are living in a fantasy world that contributes NOTHING to the equality of women, control of negative male behaviors, and the well being of an evolving world at this moment of vast world change while male energy violence and induced fears continue.

I recently did a survey, as I often do, to support some of what I write here and for my ‘free speech display’. I asked adults who the Vice President of the US is? More than double the amount of females (over males) did not know!

Patriarchal bullshit romps in significant parts of America where it’s seems to be in the DNA to cow tow to the male and favor him. Around the world, it gets worse where female babies are either scorned/abused, or in some cases killed in parents want of a male. All of this, of course, further contributes to the testosterone proliferation in the male’s breaking of the ‘seven deadly sin’.

When most females are confronted with the facts of their minimal contribution to female evolution, and freedom from male manipulation, they often either go into strong denial or into an outburst of ego cat fits like squeezing lighter fluid on a fire. The solution is always to stop and look at yourself relative to the best that you can be. See the gap. Accept that which put you there, and take responsibility for it with no blame on anyone else. Let go of all negative attachments (meditation and/or yoga will help). Be free of all ‘belief systems’(which are male control devices mostly). Open your heart, and take big risks in loving with eyes wide open while realizing that it’s all about seeing that the love is within YOU!

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