Smoking Cures Cancer

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Smoking Cures Cancer
July 21, 2012
Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know that! Smoking cures problems with being able to love too! Warnings on cigarette packages are really put there for reverse effect. When people are told they cannot do something, they will generally be even more likely to do it like the Nike shoe company says, ‘just do it’! It’s not 100% reliable that smoking cures cancer, but there is one remedy not bantered about that does though. DEATH cures all cancers! Until the last few years I paid little attention to ‘smoking disease’ as most of my friends were younger, or if older, didn’t smoke. The last several years, I’ve paid attention to people dying over 50, and partly from smoking, as well as it’s implications on other health matters – astounding!

Rare is the person who is unmarried, and a non smoker, that will date a smoker. Smokers don’t seem to know that those who don’t, talk about them as well as about the issues the smoker masks. ‘Human ashtrays’ are not enjoyable to kiss unless you are one, or it’s a one or two date person. Marrying has ONE MAJOR FLAW, and that is people who have unresolved issues are certain to add them to a marriage making it a ‘tolerable arrangement’ usually based on fear and money with love running third or less.

Smoking is selfish both to yourself and inner growth, as well as to others who not only have to deal with that habit, but those negative and unresolved issues which unconsciously prompts the ‘unhealthy’ behavior. Smoking masks deep abhorrent behaviors and stifles love emotions leaving the smoker unable to go deep with a partner who consequently will be cheated of the free flow of love that they deserve. If both are smokers, love will be left in a fog or cloud with but a few moments of reprise.

Smoking isn’t THE habit, but a reflection of a person who has assorted personal bad habits. For example, smokers tend to be sneaky in differing ways. I have a ‘meditation-live-in’ center that invites people with healthy life styles, but smokers sneak in, and then ‘sneak’ their smokes paying little attention that they are living in a temple dedicated to a healthy life.

Always it’s advisable to have some love for everyone, including smokers.

Smokers are heavily into avoidance and denial about any suggestion that they consider how selfish it is to their own inner growth, and in a myriad of ways to others. Moving into self love take courage. Life is short, why make it shorter, and for others to miss you as you pass on before your time? There is fun, and more love beyond smoking. Always, it’s the smokers choice – blue pill or red pill!

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