No Vacancy at Your Place

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No Vacancy at Your Place
July 19, 2012
You are NOT going to die! Or, is that an illusion? One thing for sure, you will lose everything you think is yours. Remember back when you were a kid, and you didn’t want to share anything? Now as an adult, with few exceptions, you have no interest in sharing ANYTHING if it doesn’t benefit you! It’s not just you, but how many of the 500,000+ churches in America, and those who ‘run’ them,  will offer a place to stay for the needy and respectful? From my investigation and awareness, I estimate that less than 1% of people would help out a respectful stranger with a place to stay, even if they could pay a meager amount per day!

Shocking isn’t it! America claims to be primarily Christian, but rare can the willingness be found for helping a nice person ‘knocking on the door’ for a place to live … and with a whole litany of excus by the occupant that would fill a book. A person, as a ‘spiritual being’ recognizing their miraculous privilege of being alive at this time, never shuts the door when asked by another for a place to stay, or for needed food. To find oneself ‘homeless’, is a possibility for anyone! Why do we in this ‘evolving times’ have to have the underlying fear that everywhere you turn is a ‘No Vacancy’ sign even for retribution to benefit the ‘occupier’?

On a personal level, people have both invisible ‘Vacancy’ and ‘No vacancy’ signs up! Vacant meaning they have little going on ‘upstairs’ when it comes to self love, love for another or others, and general compassion. ‘No vacancy’ meaning no room for anyone else in their lives other than their ‘troubled self’, or at best ‘limited room’ for those close. An example would be ‘communication’ with others that is not subject to censorship, or judgment making it like walking on glass for the other.

The ‘old days’ of no electronics and modern conveniences are daily becoming a museum of memory. Since recent years, decades, and centuries past, also many open human behavior options have emerged such as female freedoms, gay marriage, social integrations, acceptance of foreign ethnicities, living arrangements, etc. The world is fast changing, and yet people cling to the old ‘bullock cart mentality’. In the US, economies are changing with more and more ‘service and computer oriented’ occupations as well as outsourcing manufacturing to other countries creating ‘personal economies’ of different and lower scales of ‘home living’. In addition, although still a small percentage, people are inquiring into a more spiritually minded life, and way of living.

Greater personal insights of inner awareness as well as sensitivities toward others will be more and more desired for a peaceful, survivable, better world yet one more dangerous  because of technological innovations misused. We evolve as we help others to evolve. We are becoming a more ‘interdependent’ world requiring a sense of teamwork or unity and compassion for each other. It’s time to vacate the ‘old’ that didn’t work, and be open to the new and innovative ways of living.

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