Split People

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Split People
July 15, 2012
Nearly all people hang out a ‘shingle’ that is who they portray themselves to be as the outer self or personality rarely, or never spending time in their inner conscious self. Many even unconsciously go as far to have ‘split’ outer selves or personalities. Rare is the person who can modify their outer self to reflect their inner being. The outer self that merges with the true inner self is free of attachment to unresolved issues from the past.

Today at my ‘free speech display’, with many signs to provoke thought as well as question ‘belief systems’, a twenty something cherubic, blond girl came up, apparently having seen a sign I wrote that provoked the need in her ‘outer self’ to ask to say a prayer for me right there. With no long comment, I said, ‘yes’. She proceeded for 4-5 minutes with eyes closed, and tears running down her cheeks to ask ‘the Lord’ to set me straight so I could later go to Heaven. I  did a ‘namaste’ to her when she finished, thanked her while asking where she was from and what denomination of Christianity she was. No point in upsetting her any more than reading some ‘title’ on a sign, so off she went into her own world.

Underneath who we falsely portray ourselves to be is the same perfect spirit in each of us, hence the real meaning of ‘we are one’. Rarely do people connect with their ‘aware-conscious self’ instead opting to live on the outside of who they have come to think they are largely as a reaction to others input of fears, and negativity that they come to see as ‘them’. Compartmentalizing in the brain what should be ‘let go of’ and converted into positive inner feedback seems to be the ‘status quo’. To put into ‘compartments’ of the brain, things you would rather not deal with only seeps out into a more disjointed personality that increases the hidden real self more.

A ‘split’ in who you are is best done with consciousness, and for practical matters. Religions have created a split in the personality by introducing, and controlling through guilt and fear. Guilt and fear then draw a heavy cloud over the real conscious self that has an infinitely far better capability of discerning the ‘dictums’ encased in any holy book. When the outer you merges with the inner you, and enlightenment occurs that radiates as ‘love itself’. The outer you or personality becomes only a reflection of that even when a disguise is needed for challenging situations. Love is at your core, your  personality with out that, is a ‘walk away from love’s radiance’.

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