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Talk ….. & Listen
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July 11, 2012
Wisdom is knowing when to shut off the ‘jabber’ valve, and listen! Balance between listening, and talking is a sign of healthy compassionate, conscious thoughtfulness. Fear and insecurity are behind both who talk too much, or those who say little. Both characteristics are signs of selfishness, and a lack of compassion for others wishes and feelings. No one likes to listen to anything that they have no interest in, likewise anyone void of conversation becomes boring, creating a desire to avoid them.

Part of being conscious and spiritually aware is to pay close attention to conversations with emphasis on ‘dialog’. A dialog, unlike a debate or argument, is to participate in a conversation flowing in the same direction for both. For the ‘talker’, is more being said than needs be for a welcome reception from the listener? Are you as the listener listening closely to what others have to say? ‘Jabbering talkers’ often only listen to what they themselves have to say. Most of us are too polite to offer suggestions to the ‘talker’ to let us get a word in edgewise. Communication needs sensitivity, and participation.

‘Gabbers’ are always covering up ‘emotional discord’. They are sometimes like ‘seagull’s, squawking incessantly oblivious to courtesies, and like seagulls who have poor ‘sphincter muscles’ while flying over people, who are alarmed by being coated with ‘digested garbage’, they seem to have little control. Low empathy is often a characteristics of both incessant talkers as well as non talkers. You ultimately attract those how you act, and with ‘annoying’ habits you will attract others with the same or mostly different ones.

You are a thought – a thought in your mind of who you are, as well as in others minds. Be the watcher of both those. You took millions of years to become a reality of a ‘you’. Know what and who that is, and with persistence in thought it will become a reality. Every reality in life begins as a thought. Look at all your habits with as much clear objectivity as you can, and confirm with others of clear objectivity. We live in an interactive and interdependent ‘ fishbowl’ world where we always need to find harmony for a peaceful coexistence. Self observation with any correction for a semblance of empathy, compassion and love for ourselves and others is ‘Divine’. Balance talk and listening.

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