Spiritual Disharmony

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Spiritual Disharmony

photoJune 28, 2012
Being ‘harmoniously connected’ with people has a lot to do with you being in high consciousness. However, there are always ‘outside forces’ testing everyday harmony for reasons that amount to manipulation, domination, and control of you, and as many billions as possible for accumulation ($) purposes. Politicians, religion salesmen, ‘money shufflers’ and the like, have been around since recorded history looking to convince you how they are going to benefit you, and your life. Perhaps they invented the phrase ‘trust me’?! We are all meant from birth to be in harmony throughout our lives,  but most lose that path at an early age never to get but glimpses of it as life unfolds.

It’s only natural to spend a good portion of our lives looking for love, but most find it only falling through their fingers like sand on a beach. Self misery has led, for thousands of years, man to open ‘misery cure shops’ called churches, temples, mosques, etc. to rectify what they have learned to perpetuate through fear and guilt. If people are not miserable, there is no reason to attend the ‘services’ offered by the ‘charlatans in the name of some ‘god or allah’ to alleviate that which they collectively have stoked the coals of.

Why take ‘medicine’ that you don’t need? Religion, with it’s ancient scripture is like a decades old bottle of medicine that has extended it’s useful life, but is no more than a ‘placebo’, or a pill for the imagination. Religion salesmen have set up shops by the hundreds of thousands to pump out fear, and guilt wrapped in ‘niceties’ to allure the ‘sheeple’ into their shearing stalls. Only love can bring you the bliss and joy that comes not in words but in the beauty of silence. Pushing words that some alleged scribe wrote centuries ago, doesn’t fit any need but one conjured up by the peddlers of ‘religion snake oil cures’ that have no effect but a very temporary fix that needs endless fix’s by the ‘representative of god’.

Obviously, if you are healthy, you have nothing to do with the Doctor. If you are mentally healthy, you have nothing to do with the psychological shrinks. And, if you are spiritually in harmony with yourself, you have no need for the ancient medical box peddled by the ‘religion salesman’. Doctors, Psychologists, and religion establishments are sometimes needed for those who are sick, and have little hope of curing themselves. Also, rare is marriage more than a reason to lure you into the churches to spend money together. Love doesn’t need a religion.

Religions have been a major part of creating ‘hell on earth’ – that’s their secret! You then are told to come to them for some ‘hypothetical’ solution that creates more spiritual disharmony, then back and forth. The path of a Jesus or Buddha is alone seeking the love within. Spiritual harmony comes from no one but within you!

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