Rich & Sphincter Muscles

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Rich & Sphincter Muscles

photoJuly 1, 2012
I live in an artsy, tourist town surrounded by the sea, and with ‘seagulls’ that seem to have no control over dropping their ‘seagull anal garbage’ at will with little regard for a persons status or income. Upon splashing some well dressed tourists talking with me recently, I was reminded that they have ‘no control over their anal sphincter muscles’.

Reminded me of people, and their handling of money from ones who can’t hold on to it to those who hoard, and accumulate it while showing no concern for those in need. Money ‘accumulators’ generally are hard wired to accumulate more as their religion while being barely aware that the majority either have other more important values, or are in need of more assets that at least give them a modest healthy life that a rich man would find acceptable if he lost all his money.

The polarity between the ‘rich and those ‘getting by’ suggests something radically out of balance. Now, the materially rich are a broad spectrum from those ‘having more than they need, but able to survive for a good length of time without accruing more, to those who could support 100’s and thousands of people for life, and still be rich. It has been said that giving to the poor from the government is to give to ‘parasites’. In some cases, that may hold a little water, but are not the very rich ‘parasites beyond God’s common sense and belief’? Robin Hoods in reverse? Those of a spiritual/conscious nature cannot be serving two masters – one has to be let go of. The ‘spiritual’ need to be giving from the heart to rise even higher in spirit. The ‘focused on the material’ will attain more ‘material’ while their spiritual life will be like a camel going through eye of the needle – impossible without letting go and giving from the heart.

The rich cannot see beyond being busy in the mind counting what they have. I know a 72 year old fella in town from a wealthy family. Word is he’s worth millions. A friend went to a restaurant with him several times, and said he even saves part of his napkin. He has eight semi-vans on one of his many properties filled with ‘stuff’ that he purchased for very little at garage sales. He lives alone but drives a mile every night to have his 96 year old mother (who was a real estate mogul here) make dinner for him! He also goes to a ‘food bank’. Oh, and he has an airplane. A little extreme but few of the hundreds of so called ‘rich’ I’ve known don’t really know about giving unless it’s a tax write off or a ‘token gift’. Most everyone believes in God and thinks they are going to Heaven – seems like a God would frown on those that served themselves with profit in mind, but no profit giving from the heart. Seems God would give to those who gave from their heart, and not from their mind to save for their imaginary time in Heaven. Be godly from the heart and awareness – it’s called compassion!  Arhata

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