No Pay Politics

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No Pay Politics

photoJune 29, 2012

Why pay the rich to get elected, and get richer on your dime? Politics is an opportunity to serve all humanity, and assist it in the evolution of humanity beyond poverty, disease, ignorance, violence, wars, standard of living, etc. Contrary to our enjoyment of the gifts of incredible technology that has created a kind of Disneyland life for many, most are still physically living a life very much like that centuries ago with disease, famine, starvation, ignorance, and the general lack of human evolvement that is needed to make this a peaceful, loving planet.

Whether living in the challenges of poverty, or with the riches of ‘stuff and technological marvels’, there is very little separation in our inner evolvement. The past is always becoming an older movie that really gets passed on from generation to generation for emotional, ‘thinking’, and spiritual growth. Most are entrapped in ways and thoughts, regardless of circumstances, that are not that much evolved from past centuries. We still allow ourselves, except for a few, to fall into the trap of just survival, and in more technological countries, entertainment. This seems to lead to turning our lives over to be controlled by the religion and political systems that hides behind fabrications of the truth having a global ‘trickle down’ effect to put the masses in a sleep sheeple/zombie mode.

Change begins inside each person, however, like athletes asked to be an example for the youth, Congress and the White House needs to set the example for all by a transparency of what goes on, from elected officials personal lives, to dealings for personal gain, and anything that the people they ‘serve’ have a right to know. There needs to be a ‘Department of Oversight’ that is responsible for ‘vetting’ all actions of top elected officials, and is also somehow held accountable for the public to see.

No one is an expert on how to turn governing and political agendas around overnight, but we need a ‘specific think thank’ that makes suggestions, reports to the public, and oversees enforcement actions to verify progress in that direction. For example, they might suggest shorter terms for Senators, or even arbitrary suggestions like having a male/female balance in representation, and also with support for a balanced representation of ethnic or religion groups. Always with an oversight on following the money and benefits for those elected.

Leading by example needs to be foremost in the direction of change for the evolution of all. As there should be no secrets in a marriage, nor within those who we’ve entrusted to run our ‘House’ that we refer to as a country. Change happens when moving from the ‘covert’ to the open, honest, verifiable conduct. It’s time to move forward on the scale of evolution to a more conscious and divine world.

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