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Trust Love

June 26, 2012
Trust love, but not always the one you ‘love’ to be what you want. Love is always there for everyone who opens their heart to experience it. Trust always has a little window of doubt. One need not trust that which is beyond any doubt such as the name you use or what town you are in, or if that’s the sun up there giving light, etc. Trust the air, but not always the quality of it. Same with love. Trust love, but people have different definitions, or responses of love, or to love only to the point of ‘mindless love platitudes’. Love sometimes is an unconscious ‘bargain chip’ or in other words, ‘conditional’.

Love can be like a rainbow in the sky, beautiful when seeing it, but disappearing in a short time.  A rainbow is conditional upon the rainfall behind it. The sky is, no conditions – night, day, sunny, cloudy – the sky is there unconditionally. Love is the sky that’s always there but for the inner experience of knowing it in it’s depth. Glimpses of love are like the rainbow that comes once in a while. Filling yourself with the sky regardless of rainbows is akin to being filled or taken over by the energy of love that you can’t ever avoid, or not find.

The sky needs not to be trusted, it’s there beyond anyones trust. We need not say ‘real sky’ like with ‘real love’, but with love there are infinite impressions of what each sees and feels. To use a comic character as an example: Superman has the power to see anywhere on earth, and through anything that he wants to. People all have differing eyesight abilities, but very limited relative to Superman’s acquired abilities. ‘Superwoman or man’s love’ transcends normal, varying quantities and qualities to be a permanent ‘occupier’ of the soul. It becomes impossible to limit the expression, or giving to one person.

‘Do you love me’ becomes a mute point like asking if you see me while we are looking into each other’s eyes. Asking is to verify ‘trust’ or belief out of some hidden insecurity. That insecurity comes from not having reached, and locked in unconditional love. Nothing need be said when love has taken you over, or in experience with another. Call it ‘divine love’ if you will. Divine love is always aware of it’s unquestionable survival, of course for the host, as well as the other directed toward. Love is regardless of anyone but itself. Love is the very air you breath, and more. Love not only takes the breath away sometimes, but puts new breath in you. It becomes ‘instinct’ when you have reached the depths, and peaks at the same time. Trust, but stay in awareness, until the instincts compel you to let go of trust of love being there as no longer needed.

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