Soul or Cellmate?

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Soul or Cellmate?
June 23, 20
People actually claim they are soul mates when in reality they would escape a marriage or partnership but for money, and courage. I have a ‘marginal friend’ who’s condition is such that his co-abusive wife (so he claims) is taunting, and hitting him frequently. Now they live in the rich mafia town that has the No. 1 beaches in America, it’s a paradise town! For them, it’s a ‘hell in paradise’! She’s a young ‘middle eastern’ girl who he married a couple of years ago to give her a green card. He’s a 50ish ex ‘Hollywood Movie Mogul’ who through misfortunes of his own making lost tens of millions of dollars, and lives now only on her waitress meager income. A couple ‘malnourished on love’!

He, like most ‘cellmate’ couples wants a ‘Get out of Jail Free’ card, but no one is rising to assist him.  These two high intellect abusers are the ‘poster couple’ for ‘Cellmates’. There frequently is no easy path to escape likely what ‘karma’ has brought either one. Most couplings are a fantasy gone awry. The wonderments of each others love in the beginning is like painting a house with ‘interior paint’ or even worse, with water colors in the dry summer forgetting the coming rains.

My personal experience in the wonderments of love, is you get what you deserve! No door should be ‘locked’ in any friendship or relationship. The greatest gift of love is freedom. If one partner chooses that freedom, both in unison should be in a place with love to assist each other for a happy transition to a new arrangement. THAT has been my own experience, and can be anyone’s if they stay out of ‘canned love’ that spoils when one or both defaults to their previous personal issues. A ‘bed of roses’ is not to lie in. Too many thorns! Try ‘rose petals’.

A marriage, or loving partnership should be between two growing, maturing people focused at all times on the positive sensitivities of each other.  Two souls merge when, and only when, that happens. It’s never about each other owning one another or being together forever, but giving the gift to each other of an eternal love which becomes part of each soul. Love is the goal, not the person. The ‘breath of love’ is the divine energy that creates soul mates who experience giving birth to a love that likely has evaded their ancestors for thousands of years. There is no ‘get out of love deep love’ card – it’s its own freedom! Love supports love and freedom!  Arhata

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