Money After Death

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Money After Death
June 25, 2012
There ain’t any! You will be instantly broke, and/or leave with debts unpaid when it’s announced that you’re gone. Life doesn’t end, it just transforms into another reality, but unresolved baggage is free, and goes with you. It’s kinda of like being a thief here all your life, wherever you go, you’re the same thief. Likewise, one who is an abuser in one relationships, will be the same in all others. There is always correction, but usually it’s like climbing a mountain without a guide. Possible but with many challenges, frustrations, and disappointments that will likely compel most to turn back and revert to the unresolved life issues.

Giving money away to others with embedded unresolved issues is just throwing money to a drunken gambler. Giving from the heart to those in their heart is energy of love. Love, or the lack of it which shows up in a myriad of ways, are the only two best bets to travel with you to the other side. Giving money away to someone who shows little past of benefitting only themselves is throwing pearls to the wind. Greed doesn’t just come with the rich, but also anyone else regardless if poor or not so poor. Some are rich within regardless of fitting into some arbitrary monetary category.

Those rich in the heart, and unattached to the perks of life, particularly in these ‘abundant times’, inherit love which transcends all facets of life and death. Money can’t buy love, and love doesn’t buy money. Those who proselytize their ‘I love you’s’ never love themselves, and then how can they love you but for ‘neediness’?

Love of money is a choice. Money is not inherently evil, nor are those who possess it necessarily evil. To love from the open, sincere heart, and to be attached to money is to forfeit one or the other. What’s even worse is to hunger for money, hunger for love, and incessantly be beleaguered with neither! The best available on the ‘other side’ for a very short time is a morsel of the memory of love, anything more is a Hell because of the relentless attachments to what they should have never been attached to anyway.

Always be in a ‘let go’ with money, attachments, or the relentless desire of the rich or poor, for them. Attachments block openness, and awareness the the finer qualities of life. Why finish this phase of life on earth with only ‘white washed love’ that fades away when the opportunity to experience ‘enlightened love’ is available, and your choice?

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