Hi ‘IQ’s’ are Retarded

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Hi ‘IQ’s’ are Retarded
June 22, 2012
I’ve met more people than any hundred likely have, and never have I knowingly met someone with a high IQ that wasn’t emotionally challenged or retarded. For some reason being born with one gift is to be ‘giftless’ in another area. A retentive, eidetic memory certainly has it’s blessing side, but on the dark side, there seems to be a price to pay on short comings. People are confused with ‘I Q’ not realizing it has nothing to do with personal balance or togetherness. Largely it is a measurement of the ability to remember things, and then of course use that memory to put non personal things together. In computer terms, the folks are ‘copy and paste’ people!

Now the good news is that with a conscious choice effort, ‘IQ’ or intellect can be balanced with inner intelligence that gives a person greater compassion, personal sensitivity, and assets to correct personal behaviors that are often hidden by ego that thinks, because of high IQ, that it doesn’t have to. One of my classic ‘77 deadly sins’ is,  ‘unconscious arrogance’ or  thinking to being ‘entitled’ because of a particular gift of life, such as ‘sexy looks’ or high IQ.

One gift of life that is equivalent to ‘one of life’s secrets’, which all animals have, but one that humans also can experience and develop much higher into a fine art called ‘awareness’. To be in ‘awareness’ is to always maximize perceptions with clarity into knowing. Awareness opens the depths of love beyond what people settle on as love that is merely a road block in love’s experience. The intellect serves the ego of illusion even to the point of creating a false semblance of love thereby manifesting a roadblock halfway up to the peaks of love. The ego that covers the essence of who you really are fights with itself not seeing that the enemy is within.

The high intellect without it’s ‘love of self’ involving a consciousness of the use of healthy emotions is a bedrock of barren desert. The intellect alone with fighting emotions is an endless destroyer of the joys and blisses that life always has in await. The intellect, alone suffers infinite anxieties without the comfort of the open vision heart. The intellect is a paper tiger without the complement of a deep love. The intellect fears the challenges of sincere love while contaminating it’s journey to both give and receive. Intellect can always make a choice to vacate some of it’s space for enduring feelings of love and compassion. Always, it’s a choice that all have.  Arhata

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