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Missing Link

June 20, 2012
There are likely a very few million worldwide who are in possession of the missing link that makes life a unique positive experience, although there seems to be some question if even god has it. Earth has been here millions of years, and finally this is the most advanced time? Somethings not right up there?! God’s on drugs or what? He could have hired more qualified helpers like Santa has done? Maybe he’s spread too thin with over a billion universes to attend, or maybe he or she lets each of us choose what we want? Perhaps he’s become a pathological god, who like most married couples has lost the love that once was, and is now reduced to clinging to scant scents of love’s memory.

The missing link inside each of us in the world of human interaction really equates to the missing link of love. Love can become distant, and mostly a memory that has become a ‘clinging’ mechanism. Why go on living thinking you can change a partner, or people when it’s you mostly who needs to change, and seek the love within. Like a spider spinning a web that entraps itself, people think they are suppose to follow what they have learned from parents who didn’t really learn what they needed to. Combined with another’s web, endless entanglements hide the beginning love.

Self love does not mean what some interpret as narcissism, or vanity and conceit about who they ‘falsely’ think they are. Loving the self is to both identify, and accept the outer characteristics that both you see and what others of the more positive ilk see. However, even of more importance is to see that both you and everyone else has within them a loving nature but for negative circumstances which have been left unresolved or healed blocking pure love from getting through.

Life for most seems to be only a pathological experience whether in love, or just eking out one day after the other. I call ‘pathological’ when people have nothing to really cling on for, but fear of life continuing to be a losing proposition, fear of moving on to better situations or just a fear of dying. They have settled in with the old and familiar while denying fear of the ‘new’. Always we need to be growing to the depths of experiencing life and love. When you love, it needs to be remembered that love is the goal, not the person. Move in the direction of love and compassion rather than a life through a particular person settled on where the relationship has lost any real depth of growing. The ‘missing link’ of love gives benefits that otherwise ‘dry up’. Always be reaching up!  Life’s greatest gift is love, don’t miss it as part of your very being! Arhata

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