Legalize All Drugs

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Legalize All Drugs

June 21, 2012

Drug use is often ignorance crying out for love. Drug companies kill more people than illegal drugs by far. Rarely do most abuse any drug, legal or illegal. If we consider, ignorance, fear, anger, hate, etc., as drugs, then we can say easily that most abuse is of not being positive and loving. Many intelligent, well balanced people, would consider ‘religion’ as a drug that makes thinking and questioning ‘difficult’ or non existent. Even many foods are ‘drugs’ filled with sugar, as well as artificial ingredients, not to mention that foods are being ‘modified’ with many dangers ensuing. Drugs have become part of our lives in this modern world for good or bad. Drugs for this, drugs for that.

Money can be the worst drug not available. Take ‘money’ out of the picture of illegal drugs, and millions of crimes are eliminated or reduced. Mostly, those who are hurting from an undesirable or abusive background both sell and buy illegal drugs while spreading the negative ‘shrapnel’ to those closest to them as well as society at large.

It’s past time, but it’s NOW time to ‘DEAL WITH IT’! There will be negative consequences, but also positive ones waking people up to promoting better and more humane laws, better education, as well as a greater emphasis on love in families. Focusing on ways to help people with background problems to deal with them in healthy ways regardless of ability to pay. Instituting infinite types of programs in communities to enhance everyone’s options for better answers. The consequences of negativity from all drugs keeps escalating as it is. It’s time for a whole new approach, and with more ‘drug’ education, and a rational approach to monitoring use, and abuse of drugs that put others in harms way. Apathy, or the lack of looking for new solutions is a ‘drug’ of not waking up as we continue to face this increasing ‘monster’ that must be tamed.

The majority of people are injured inside, and putting on a false front to cover it up thinking that it solves their issues. It doesn’t. Turning to alcohol, drugs, religion, denial, and every known personality malfunction is a false fix. All drugs that go into the body need heavy and thoughtful regulations approaching a more sane society. If you are focused on the natural methods of correcting inner problems, and outer actions like focusing on more watchfulness of who you are, as well as behaviors that affect others, life quality rises. Use self examination and meditation techniques to elevate the consciousness. In air is the best drug, and that’s love!

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