Smokers & Fire

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Smokers & Fire

June 17, 2012
Smokers cover up lots of unresolved anger. Over 100,000,000 smokers, and past smokers are alive in the US!! And, that’s a conservative guess! We have over 100 million unresolved smoking anger people in the US, and yet we wonder why aren’t things better with people always having problems with others. No one with an ounce of common sense would say that smoking is healthy, and yet tens of millions continue to coverup their ‘fires of rage within’ while denying that’s why they smoke!  Millions of human ashtrays in the 21st century scurry through their lives, many claiming God is their Savior! What the hell is going on?! Am I missing something?

I can’t think of ever meeting a smoker who didn’t have plugged up issues, not that it’s not relevant to people who take no oral drugs. We can’t forget the millions who take mental drugs from ‘belief systems’, fears, misinterpretations, closed mindedness – the list is endless. Emotionally, most people are guarded, or shut down completely. With ‘smokers’, you can count on their being the ‘embers of fire’ smoldering just under the surface. These are your sheeple or zombies, inspite of their ability to perform duties such as work. A drunk can often seem productive except upon close observation.

Know a fella who’s an ex Hollywood movie mogul endowed with characteristics of ‘total recall’ that make him seem ‘intelligent’. He’s read more spiritual material than any thousand people. That combination serves to make him think he’s ‘enlightened’, when in fact he’s just endowed with good fortune in his early life, a great memory, and success in film making. He’s also a smoker for years that serves as a ‘shut off valve’ to an opening of the heart. His heart is always gasping for air although his denial mind says it’s not. The mind stays on smoke and fire while the heart has wisps of smoke. Smokers are never going to climb out of their emotional dilemmas.

Quality of a personal life is an inalienable right for every human, Sadly, only a small percentage are recipients. The enemy is by far ourselves in refusing to see that the time has come in the world to take ‘quality’ up by the bootstraps, and rise to the pinnacles of love and consciousness. The pursuit of perfection is to know your real self, and love comes naturally. Always the material is an illusion, why smoke up rather than take the healthy route physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Smoking ‘freezes’ the past and smokes up the future!


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