Chronic Habititus Syndrome (CHS)

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Chronic Habititus Syndrome (CHS)
June 15, 2012
Bad habits shape your life. People seem to become friends with their habits which, if truth be acknowledged, bothers others. Life is filled with infinite habits both healthy, good, as well as annoying or even destructive to the self and often others who, may not say anything. This is a world, except for people hiding behind computers, where social interaction is an important part of ‘showing yourself’ to others. Relentless ignoring of both seeing, communication, and actions that are not sensitive to others, and knowing them while finding comfort with them is selfish (which is a bad habit).

A particularly ‘chronic habit’ that really ‘backfires’ like a boomerang year after year is not feeling good about yourself. Judging yourself in ways less healthy than the alternative of always feeling good about yourself is a symptom of unhappiness within, be it anger, fears, hurt, insecurity, etc., that are there for good reasons! The reasons, regardless of how they were formed in childhood are excuses to create the habit of not feeling good about who you think you are. A diamond doesn’t just show up perfect, but is like coal until someone makes it what it really is inside.

If you have a perpetual habit of being concerned about who you think you are, and what you think others see you as, focus on an ‘extreme you makeover’! It will eventually help you in seeing that you are not any of your perceptions that you habitually mull in silent frustration over. Start by accepting who you think you are, faults and all. Start giving to others more, and from the heart with no expectations. Be very sensitive to how you appear in all ways to others without being superficial. Identify, own, and alter all habits about you one at a time that you wouldn’t want to see in a conscious partner. Be yourself.

Most are ‘hard wired’ into accepting who they have become accustomed to in themselves. To soften that hard wiring, discover and use meditation techniques that, like love from another that you feel is softening, and opening the heart, meditation will also do. Changes, or opening rarely happen over night. Be patient and watchful while dropping one habit, and replacing it with a better one. The person you will become is the you that has been set aside for who you’ve settled on. Life starts NOW in a total reset of reboot – it’s all your choice!

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