Manipulative Neurosis Virus (MNV)

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Manipulative Neurosis Virus (MNV)

June 12, 2012
The ‘toilet bowel of humanity’ contains billions of people with varying amounts of unresolved childhood abuse that they bring into everyday of their lives. Time to flush the toilet of crap that unconsciously you make others adjust their lives to resulting from your unchecked aberrations. We all censor each other from saying what one wants to say in front of others – not that there should not be a conscious effort to use good common sense here and there. To control and protect selfish behavior, people will go to great lengths to manipulate everyone’s ‘freedom of speech’ around them. Rare is the person who does not have some form of MNV!

My childhood was a ‘treasure to behold’ with no abuse from anyone – just a wide eyed, innocent, curiosity of everything. Most have met with situations that either traumatized them, or caused them to ‘recoil’ from certain, same stimuli throughout their lives. Last time I looked, we were well into the 21st century, and out of the dark ages with it’s vacuum of information to assist peoples dilemmas. All the information to correct personality disorders are available to use to correct unconscious, negative behaviors if by even one tiny step at a time. Also, in the Western world in particular since the latter part of the 20th century, meditation and yoga techniques are abundantly available to raise the consciousness above being controlled by the past as well as manipulating and controlling others to selfishly make your ‘toxic’ life more ‘wonderful’ for you. In a sense, it’s ‘stealing’ others opportunity of free conscious expression. That’s ‘thievery’!

Manipulating situations to cover both unresolved neurosis, or ‘bad habits is ‘viral’ everywhere we encounter people. ‘Do this, but don’t do this that goes on and on ‘til death do you part’ is a sad form of serial abuse, and in light of the best time in the world to self correct the abuse. People rarely need to go to a shrink, and spend unnecessary money.  Stop justifying our universities having hundreds of thousands of students paying professors nice incomes to churn out more professors, and ‘unresolved problems’ of knuckle heads only to have you lie on a couch at their ‘gas pumps for money’ with little that will enlighten you. It’s more about widening the frame of awareness, and to be aware of as many lenses as possible.

It’s time to wake up and examine life and yourself. Look for ‘free’ solutions, and among those prayer is very low on the totem pole, but above doing nothing but serial abusing others so you can feel better. YOU have been given life’s best opportunities for ‘inner growth’ that have ever been available. It’s time to avail yourself of all the positive opportunities, and see yourself as your own therapist, and it’s free!! Standing in the same place filling your life with ‘stuff’, and expectations that have nothing to do with your rising into a Christlike or Buddha like consciousness is passe.

Enjoy awareness, and always be creating more love and sensitivity! Vaccinate yourself with good and better habits of living and loving!

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