Jesus – Homosexual?

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Jesus – Homosexual

June 13, 2012
Love Jesus, but…
It’s fact that there are NO contemporary witnesses’s to Jesus who wrote about what He purportedly said. Decades later some dude named Josephus, for whatever reason, wrote about him. My theory is since the middle east is extremely homophobic, maybe they thought he was homosexual and avoided him. Consider all those 12 male disciples not to even mention the Ménage à trois of 3 males of the’ father, son, and the holy ghost fame!  Being gay is a natural, normal variation on being human –  doesn’t matter what ‘judgments’ people have, that’s their limitation and ignorance.

It might surprise you who is a homosexual! Many poets, dancers, painters, musicians, actors, and creative people have historically been gay. Gays have been hidden in closets, and often married to a woman – not infrequently, politicians come to mind.  In my experience, a large percentage of males who are abusive to women are likely better off being homosexual, but that’s another topic. In addition, to the alleged Jesus being gay, Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle were (unlike Jesus, there is easy credible evidence of their existence). Greeks are great people, and many great people have been homosexual. Not Greek, but Walt Whitman comes to mind as a great poet/writer who was also gay.

Homosexuality seems to bring out the creativity. Perhaps when you are not creating, and raising children you seek new dimensions into the creative field. It’s important to be who you really are, and now in the Western world, that is becoming more and more accepted. I live in a very ‘alternative, bohemian’ town in the North West above the Olympic Mountains where the ‘hippies’ came in the ’60’s and ’70’s to be, making it into a haven as time goes on for creative types. The joke here is, unless you’re a little weird, it might be hard to fit in! Actually, there are a number of areas particularly on the west coast that resonate for those with a more open, counter culture lifestyle.

It’s never wise to accept any criterion that makes you miserable. Any morality that makes you feel guilty is unnecessary. Don’t accept anything that is trying to enforce a way that is contrary to your feelings and against your simple nature. You must be YOURSELF and in being your real self, you are perfect! Trouble always arises when you move away from that ‘real self’. Those who want to condemn are not in touch with their real selves, and in a sensible way are best avoided seriously.

The first quality of attaining wisdom is to have an openness to experience, and see what is true without following ‘belief systems’. A Buddha or Jesus will not say, ‘this is because it is written, but that they are ready to go into it and see whether it is, or not.’ Open up your heart and awareness daily, and more and more truths will reveal themselves.

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