Trapped in Love

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Trapped in Love

June 11, 2012
Desire is a trap. Marriage is often proof of the trap. I’ve never met anyone more pro marriage than myself, but not the marriage that doesn’t offer the greatest gift ‘one in love’ can offer the recipient of that love. That gift is ‘freedom’! Freedom to become who you really are, and freedom to follow your inner callings. Anyone selling themselves out for a ‘desire’ is no more than an ‘auto-man’ who has given up on the ability the think for themselves, as well as keeping their own right of conscious freedom. Hiding behind a makeshift arrangement to cohabit-ate, and calling it marriage is to be in dire straits.

Marriage, in the real sense, is an opportunity to bond with another to evolve in love and spirit. People have the most trouble in marriage, so it’s statistically claimed, with ‘money’. Money, however, is rarely the problem, but a ‘cover’ for a less than adequate experience of love and compassion. Love and compassion involves communication, or the freedom to communicate totally your thoughts to yourself, and your partner who is the ‘new you’.

An engagement is an ‘urge on the verge of a merger’, and when that merger happens, it must be total for a real marriage. Not partial. No one should have secrets from themselves. Makes no sense! How to do that?! Conversely, there should be none in a partnership.

A real merger in a ‘marriage’ has NOTHING to do with what the Government has to say, but what love has to convey. Accumulating ‘stuff’, with problems of money is a TRAP. When it’s virtually impossible for both minds to walk away amicably from a coupling, there is a TRAP. Traps are to catch animals in the wild. There is no possibility to get free, and lead a life of freedom. Even the First Amendment of the American Constitution is about ‘freedom’. Always that ‘freedom’ is meant with the compassion of others or the other.

How many are truly free of the invisible trap of how they perceive themselves without allowing themselves to find the beauty that is inside as the ‘real self’? Traps meeting traps is two people trapped in their own inner problems coming together ending in collaborating with them, and then inviting their desires for ‘stuff’ that they cannot detach from without great trauma. All this while they don’t communicate ‘all’ their inner desires with each other. Marriage is a temporary affair regardless of the quality. It makes sense to make the merger a third participant called an ‘us’, or if you prefer, a ‘we’. That ‘molecular synthesis’ means that you share your brains, thoughts, feelings, bodies, hopes, dreams, and the openness to see that the other follows what they want, or ‘conscious desires’.

Marriage that is a trap is garbage, or covert gluttony that turns sour. Marriage is the highest expression of love. God is love. A divine coupling is godly.

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