Ladder Out of Hell

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Ladder Out of Hell

June 10, 2012
Hell is in two places – out there, and then in you. Both can be difficult to climb out of. The ‘hell’ out there is often in your life because of the ‘hell’ inside. The best way to stay out of hell is to do everything with awareness to avoid what’s coming in your ‘harm’s way’, and to be a able to discern what that is. To stay out of a ‘hell hole’ in either case is to be aware, and discerning of what’s inside of you that nourishes your love of self, and what’s outside that emanates positivity. Embrace those things.

The first sign of seeing a ladder out of a ‘hell’ is an intuition that something is a better answer out there, and on that hunch, breaking loose from the ‘repetitive circling’ of persistent behavior that seems to provide no escape. Upon some enthusiasm, there is an ‘insight’ in seeing the possibility of answers. Looking further, you see an occasional person, book, song, or something that’s an inspiration to change ‘old thinking patterns’. Keeping an open mind, and a sense of passion developing, the way to climb up seems in the not too far distance.

After much inspired searching for a new way to be on a more positive track, it’s beginning to seem ingrained in your being to continue the ‘feeling better’ so that the search becomes a lifestyle that enriches every day with the riches of joy, excitement, gratefulness, etc,. to know one has climbed above the ‘fray’ of the ‘up and down’ life you left from one day of discouragement, or depression after another. That ‘ladder’ is a ladder to consciousness, love and compassion for all the aspects of life. Meeting the inner joy of love and the keen ability to be aware of the outside world, you have reached another plateau where that ladder is no longer a crutch.

All growth needs love, and an unconditional love that is beyond all wavering whatever conditions come in the way. Letting go of asking anything in return, ‘mana from heaven’ comes on its own accord. Give love and expect nothing in return. Love is not a beggar! Why be a miser, just give and give, and it will come back to you as you never imagined.
At first, one has to learn it and be free of expectations, or they will destroy the beauty of it. Give all that is beautiful. Freedom to the one you love is the most beautiful. The first gift to give to the beloved is the gift of freedom.

In freedom and consciousness the elixirs of abundant love will be bequeathed upon you! Love is the God you year

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