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Do Look Back!

June 3, 2012
‘Don’t look back’ is a crazy piece of advice! Look back when you want to! To put yourself in a total state of amnesia of the past is problematic for the now and future. It seems that it has become popular advise to ‘forget the past’, which even to a healthy person, is wishful thinking. Like in a long distance running race, might help to look back a little for possible added impetus in the moment. Staying in the moment is good spiritual advise that is frequently given, and yet not to the exclusion of how the past might affect the now and future.

Looking back at bad memories, and being attached to them, will certainly affect every coming moment with out paying attention to them, and finding ways to convert the bad experiences to helping you to avoid the pitfalls that they caused. Bad memories cling to ones being and are reinforced by accepting the memory of them without understanding them from the standpoint of ‘why they need not be kept as personal barriers’ to every moment of the future. All disadvantages, including bad memories, are ‘opportunities’, and can be used to rise above them, and find how they can help to avoid future ‘bad memories’.

Memories, both good and bad, can certainly be useful tools in the effort to rise further in life. Everyone has infinite good memories, no matter how small they may be. Focusing on those while giving less energy to the uncomfortable ones, will accumulate, and add positivity to the creation of new happy memories. If the early years have bad memories, be compassionate with them, and understand why, and your being caught with them through no fault of your own. Carrying the memory of any negative from childhood with out seeing that it’s not you now, can be a burden through out life particularly when it comes to happiness, joy and bliss inside you.

We all, regardless of disadvantages, have the ability to steer our life above limitations that seemingly reduce our ability to find love within as well as with another. It’s all up to making the choice to know that each person can bring in greater love by being open to seeking it beyond all obstacles. If one wants to be better at anything such as tennis, chess, being filled with more love, or any endeavor, it’s always best to pick an equal or more skilled partner who can inspire communication on helping you create that while being open to learning and growing. Greater love makes looking back a lot better.

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