Only the Best

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Only the Best

June 1, 2012
“I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.”
–Oscar Wilde

Mankind has settled for the ‘slop’ in all decisions. India has had it’s pearls of wisdom and mysticism, but among the masses, the culture has remained primitive. Nearly all of the middle east is over run by male dominated perversions, hatred of women, and a religion created by barbarians that has insulted the brains of middle eastern culture. In the West, humans have donated their ‘wisdom’ to salivating over every technological marvel that comes off the production line. Both have succeeded in ignoring the buried riches within.

Life is a ‘showcase’, not a goddamn wild jungle of male predators. We have enough fruits of technology to overcome what the inner is missing of no peace, no silence, little compassion, little joy and bliss, or no experience of the high consciousness of godliness. Now is the time for a new human being to arise from the chaos, and suffering from the past. A ‘Phoenix Rising’! We can be rich both on the inner and outer – instead there is mostly outer poverty and even more inner poverty. Time to ‘reboot’ this picture into a new live movie.

Nothing wrong with being rich. What’s wrong is the inner poverty that generally goes with it. No one owns the wealth that they have on the outer. It is from the efforts of others less cunning. The rich in the outer world need to give to those rich on the inner, or to causes that promote that condition. A rich miser is a criminal to himself, and to the world that needs the energy of giving and receiving. The world works best in a world of teamwork, and compassion for each other. Money and the material are wonderful, it’s how they are used along with the helping of others less fortunate.

There is no point in humanity being divided in infinite ways. There will be no workable ‘One world religion’, but instead a consciousness of each giving and receiving both from the inner and the outer. Isolating oneself from all but your little domain is counter to a sense of unity in the world. Individual identities are fine, but not so they block other ideas and ways as countries, cultures, religions, politics, and social acceptances do negatively as they have done since recorded history. Any riches you have, inner or outer, must be with the benefit of others in action. Greed is outdated. Love and compassion will always be in vogue! Live simple and healthy.

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