God is Nothing

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God is Nothing

May 30, 2012
In the past we had God until he became pissed off seeing that he wasn’t making a difference on the planet. Unnecessary suffering, violence, hatred, wars, uselessness, and all kinds of ‘debauchery’ continued over millions of years. Prayer didn’t change anything. Any suggestions in all the holy books got out of date, and as ‘scribes’ altered the words, they only confused everyone so that most really didn’t follow them except for lip service that they did. Religion hucksters, or peddlers used the words to entrap the fearful and lazy anyway. The result is people became ‘zombies of religion’, and zoned out on God.

The world of yesterday must be aborted other than to learn from infinite mistakes. God has been twisted and mangled to serve billions of egos who have no idea that God is ‘an action’ word, and not a word that suffices to be bantered around as a meaningless cure all. Humans have enslaved themselves in concepts and perceptions that are as valid as floating bubbles, and yet they will jibber jabber incessantly to protect what they believe, refusing to listen, or seek the truths. Calling ‘beliefs or faith’ truth is like a blind man always knowing where he is walking.

You have to learn something absolutely new, which has never been known until the here and now, which is to live in the ‘here and now’! A new definition of this ‘God’ has to be sought, and on an individual basis discarding what all the soothsayers of the past have drilled into the unconsciousness of man. There is no ‘given meaning’ as in the past when we were told from the ‘holy books’ what their interpretation was. Obviously, it didn’t work. Now is the time for FREEDOM to explore, or not on your own for the meaning – it won’t come without your creating and giving God a new birth.

One step beyond, and man is on the verge of becoming a creator. No longer are you needing to live as a creature or critter. Take responsibility for creating yourself in the highest image possible. Be the word ‘god in action’, and not as an ‘out there’. You become the ‘watcher’ of what you do. Seek the harmony of love – its there like a melody in a musical instrument. It’s up to your endeavor of energy to make it life’s greatest priority to find the Divine energy within, and let it be a self perpetuating action. This moment in time is sacred for you to reach to your ultimate being, and being really the new human being in motion. Begging to a ‘god’ that you have no idea of needs to transcend into a being of giving and receiving love.


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