Think or Stink

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Think or Stink!

May 28, 2012
Think ‘outside the box’, and most importantly, think ‘inside the box’ even more! Why waste your life as well as others? Few seem to think, especially critically not only about the outside world, but even about themselves more than their complaints about how the outside world is against them. Watching people everywhere from the shopping malls to the line ups at theaters and sporting events, there doesn’t seem to be much going on inside that ‘box’ other than their next hotdog, ice cream cone, or beer as they create ways to deny the world they live and fluster in.

Avoiding thinking is only one of the ‘stinks’ besides the habitual thinking of the mundane. Avoiding feeling while either thinking little, or thinking too much or negatively also stinks. Checkmating feelings is out of style for the 21st century, and not even an option for the 22nd! There is nothing wrong with any feeling even anger – it’s what are the outcomes and consequences. Conscious anger, and conscious love are both on the spectrum of healthy and acceptable. Unconscious anger has both unnecessary expressions both in, and outside the ‘box of you’. Unconscious love is the ‘run of the mill’ love that is conditional where even little things will ‘blow it up’.

They key to ultimate thinking is to invite the heart into everything for a conference to make the best choices. Knucklehead and knuckle heart are from bad habits of the past. Time to move into the mysteries of the future while realizing you are in this moment, and forever.

Being a ‘zombie or sheeple’ of thinking or feeling is like wearing polyester clothing to a black tuxedo coat and tie affair for the Queen. Listen to your heart, know when to vacate the mind, and be in awareness. As Richard Bach’s famous book of ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’ is about a seagull who breaks from the flock that scraps for food while oblivious that there is any higher way, you need to break away too, and fly higher in being.

‘Faith or belief’ in the ‘holy sense’ means not to think but just accept with no thinking. Deep mutual love feelings cause holy faith and belief to diminish to unimportance, or complete non attachment to.

Life is at this moment is what it is, and far less than the wonderful life it could be because of the imbalance of thinking and feeling or sensitivity in the most positive vein possible. Time to transcend habits that keep you from scraping for answers that are already there, but for awakening.

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